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BoonEx Ltd - A Community Software Development Company

Our mission is to Unite People. One of the primary ways we accomplish this is by conducting superior web community software development to create premium PHP applications that are then tested live on our own sites/projects and allow you to create unique community websites. By making ourselves the guinea pigs, we are able to find and fix trouble spots before the products ever reach you, the end user. This means you have a more trouble-free experience with BoonEx PHP/C/AJAX/Flash web programming applications than others you might find online. We always aspire to achieve perfection in delivering to you the high quality products you need, answering the call for rapid changes in Internet-related technologies.

BoonEx Beginnings

BoonEx Ltd was founded on December 15, 2004. The BoonEx Team was initially organized from the former team of AEwebworks and newly attracted professionals with experience in software development (specifically PHP Web applications and scripts), web promotion, marketing and management. BoonEx is laser focused on maintaining the highest levels of quality standards and customer satisfaction.

BoonEx Now

Currently, BoonEx Ltd. runs several commercial websites and serves customers from all over the world. BoonEx is focused on community software only and is very often recognized as the leader in the community software industry.

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