is providing pictures movie clips os star wars.

Title - Star Wars behind the scenes


"Blue Harvest" is my Internet-handle/nickname. Back in '95 when I started to chat in Star Wars chatrooms I used Blue Harvest as my name and that's how it started. (I drew the cartoon to the top-right of the screen to be my cyberspace alter-ego.)

The name "Blue Harvest" is actually a reference to a code-name given to "Return of the Jedi" while filming it. To fool over-zealous fans and reporters, and keep them off the set; the crew was given T-shirts and baseballcaps with "Blue Harvest" printed on them. If anyone asked; they were instructed to say they were filming a movie called "Blue Harvest - Horror beyond imagination". first came on-line in Febuary '96 under the name "A Hitch Hiker's Guide to Star Wars". By May '98 the site had grown out of it's old server and moved into a new one. At the same time I changed its name to "" as I registered that domain for the site.

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