is a popular movie rental chain that is now on the decline.



With the increase in quality and affordability of home theatre systems, watching movies in the comfort zone of your home has become a sheer delight. This has given rise to a number of companies that provide rented home entertainment solutions.


Blockbuster Inc. is a leading global provider of in-home movie and game entertainment, with more than 8,000 stores throughout the Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Blockbuster is one of the most popular rentable home entertainment provider. The site is owned by the company and provides online access to rented movies. It has more than 2600 stores outside United States in countries like North America, Europe, Taiwan and Thailand in Asia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina in South America and many more.

The site allows you to choose from movies from their large database that you can rent online. You can search the various options through many ways such as by categories or by collections or according to new releases. You can also browse through the top 100 online rentals or award winning movies list to pick up exactly what you want. The site also provides you an excellent rating and review section that tells you about the commercial success of each movie to help you choose. After choosing your favorite movie you can provide them with your address so that they can select the nearest store to you.


Blockbuster Inc.
+1 214 854 3489, Fax: +1 214 854 3271
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1201 Elm St
Dallas TX 75270 US

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