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Bird-X, Inc. was established in Chicago in 1964, and was one of the first companies in the world to offer humane bird control products as an alternative to traditional methods of managing pest birds and other animals. The first product offered was an “ultrasonic bird repeller” which was engineered to deter birds by using sounds inaudible to the human ear. Since its inception, Bird-X has continued to offer a wide array of products to repel birds like pigeons, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, grackles, Canada geese and other pests like bats, rodents, deer, garden critters and insects. Its customer base is worldwide. Products are often used in conjunction with one another to achieve the most effective solution:

There are four general categories of repellents:[1]

1. Physical barriers – including spiked needle strips, netting and sticky gels. Example

2. Sound repellers – such as the “ultrasonic bird repeller” or true alarm-call recordings of Canada geese. Example

3. Taste aversions – including sprays and other biodegradable products that would keep geese from eating grass, or keep birds from eating fruit or other crops, or keep birds from roosting on rooftops or other structures. Example

4. Visual deterrents – such as photorealistic predatory animals (i.e. holographic-eye owls and flashing iridescent tape) that involve motion, so as to avoid the acclimation that is otherwise common with stationary owls, for example. Example

The policy at Bird-X, Inc. is to provide non-lethal, non-harmful, environmentally safe and ecological sound products to a vast assortment of customers from airports, municipalities, industrial and commercial properties, golf courses and consumers. To remain effective, research and development plays an integral role in product efficacy and reliability. Developmental efforts have concluded that using products from different categories in combination, such as a sound repellant and a visual deterrent, yield significantly greater effectiveness than any product used alone. Evidence of this can be seen in situations where pest birds or animals are quite stubborn – if they have been found living in the same area for an extended period of time due to favorable living conditions (i.e. shelter from the elements) or where food is easily accessible.

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Featured Text -- It's hard when watching the majesty of a bird in flight to realize that for some people, these beloved creatures can be pests. Whether it's roosting on rooftops or other unwanted structures, eating crops, grass or fruit, there certainly are times when birds can be a nuisance or worse. Of course, just because they are an aggravation doesn't necessarily endorse lethal or environmentally unhealthy means to get rid of them. Which is why products by companies like are so great. This Chicago-based company was one of the first such companies to offer humane options for managing pest birds and other animals. Products include physical barriers, sound repelling devices, sprays and other biodegradable products providing taste aversions as well as visual deterrents.

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