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Awaken was founded by process and technology professionals in Silicon Valley with a passion for the potential of the digital music lifestyle. In searching to convert their own music collections to digital format they became disheartened by the standard practice of misleading prices, poor customer service, and failure to address environmentally impactful waste streams. Awaken was created to provide an alternative to anyone wanting to make the jump to the digital music lifestyle easily and responsibly.

Awaken enables individuals to quickly and easily convert their CD collections into digital format. Our Signature Service comprehensively spans the conversion process and includes CD pick up, CD repair, CD conversion into a variety of sampling rates/codecs, organization of CD's by artist into a storage binder, and convenient jewel box recycling. This not only saves our customers a tedious and time intensive task, but also makes it easy to responsibly eliminate the environmental impact of jewel box waste.

Awaken uses state-of-the-art technology to individually convert each CD quickly to produce a quality digital copy. All conversions are made on the customer's behalf and are returned to the customer. No music copies of any kind are retained by Awaken.

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