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From the very beginning Auto Racing Daily's philosophy has been that Auto Racing fans love great racing - whatever type of racing it is. Sure everyone usually prefers one type of racing best, but a great race is a great race and these great races occur on weekends all around the world. They occur on the famed paved ovals of the U.S. and on the European road courses that have histories as old as the roads themselves; they occur on clay almost-ovals with corn fields or vineyards beyond the back wall; they occur on the streets of Macau and Monte Carlo; they occur somewhere between Paris and Dakar and between Bakersfield and Las Vegas; and they occur every day at green lights in every city in the world.

The staff at Auto Racing Daily makes every effort to bring the headlines from the best races, wherever they occur, to you, wherever you may be. Don't get us wrong, we like big-time racing. But our goal is to give local racing and local motorsports' journalists a national audience - because if it wasn't for small-time racing there wouldn't be big-time racing - and we all know that.



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