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Take the lead — is usual for ATLANT Inc., and important too. Success and popularity of ATLANT products are mainly defined by their perfect quality, high reliability and available after-sales servicing.






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Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant is a structural part of ATLANT Incorporated.

In April of 1986 was the ceremony of the plant opening. The plant was built as one of the factories of the production group for machines and automatic lines manufacturing.

In 1990 Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant became a member of ATLANT Inc., and in 1993 the production of compressors for household refrigerators and freezers was organized. Within the shortest time the unique equipment was installed, adjusted and put into operation and compressors production under the licensed technology of "Sanyo"(Japan) was established. More than 25 million compressors were designed and produced during the plant existence.

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