Arduino Open-Source Electronics

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 By Ward Cunningham

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{{{2}}} (visit)

Ward Cunningham I've made half a dozen projects with Arduino and even more with bare AVR parts. I admire the way open source has simplified these processes

We're interested in what they've done, especially if they share plans or techniques.


Arduino suppliers provide boards, kits, parts, software and information users want. We're interested in what they have, especially if it is free, or priced within an experimenter's budget. Add-on boards, called "shields" add extra capability to the basic Arduino.

Arduino community shares online and in person. We're interested in forums, clubs and events, especially those with an open-source or do-it-yourself orientation.

  1. {{{2}}} (visit) offers videos and resources about hacking topics
  2. {{{2}}} (visit) delivers products that mix high-tech with aesthetics
  3. {{{2}}} (visit) is forum and wiki about Atmel AVR microprocessors
  4. {{{2}}} (visit) Tattoo resource which has pictures of tattoos, news, meanings
  5. {{{2}}} (visit) Daily interest rates vary between 0.5% and 3%. Paid daily.
  6. {{{2}}} (visit) sells open source electronic parts including touch screens
  7. {{{2}}} (visit) sells parts and plans for electronic projects
  8. {{{2}}} (visit) is Arduino clone built on ARM 32-bit processor
  9. {{{2}}} (visit) is a personal Arduino project blog, just getting startred
  10. {{{2}}} (visit) Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects Resource
  11. {{{2}}} (visit) is a new store for Arduino and related hardware and software.
  12. {{{2}}} (visit) este un site web cu joculete online si jocuri gratis
  13. {{{2}}} (visit) is the official site for Arduino hardware and software
  14. {{{2}}} (visit) is about one person's electronic projects
  15. {{{2}}} (visit) is sharing site for Arduino Workshop projects
  16. {{{2}}} (visit) provides useful resources for microprocessor projects
  17. {{{2}}} (visit) is blogging about Arduino projects
  18. {{{2}}} (visit) is store for DIY supplies from Make and Craft magazines
  19. {{{2}}} (visit) Sells do-it-yourself electronic kits and thing
  20. {{{2}}} (visit) is doing strange things with electricity
  21. {{{2}}} (visit) a blog about Arduino projects, and a book by the same name
  22. {{{2}}} (visit) Nicholas Zambetti's personal showcase of projects and more
  23. {{{2}}} (visit) is community driven open-source hardware
  24. {{{2}}} (visit) is a DIY blog
  25. {{{2}}} (visit) supplies parts for home-made robots
  26. {{{2}}} (visit) offers a selection of electronic components for the hobbyist
  27. {{{2}}} (visit) Paul Badger's Bare Bones Boards (Freeduinos)
  28. {{{2}}} (visit) Portugese Robotics Blog/Forum (English Available)
  29. {{{2}}} (visit) Spanish Robotics and AI Blog
  30. {{{2}}} (visit) Javier Valcarce's Personal Website covering software & hardware
  31. {{{2}}} (visit) Wolf Paulus's blog, tech stuff and more
  32. {{{2}}} (visit) Large index of Arduino and Freeduino stuff
  33. {{{2}}} (visit) freelance writer and electronics enthusiast
  34. {{{2}}} (visit) is about capturing video, audio and sensor data (Spanish)
  35. {{{2}}} (visit) Distributors of microcontrollers and related stuff

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