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All website contents - including text, diagrams, drawings, sketches, schematics, and photos - are Copyright © 1999-2005 / John Pinner IV unless otherwise specified. You are welcome to download, use, and/or redistribute any information found on this site free of charge, but for personal (non-commercial) use only. The use of any contents from this website in a commercial context is prohibited.

The culture of this hobby is full of a lot of great people who generously share and collaborate information. It goes without saying that I never could've gotten anywhere if it weren't for these people, and it's my hope that I able to somehow give a little back to the community. That said, this is all a fun hobby for me, and I'm not making any profit off of any part of if I'm not making any profit off of my own work, you're certainly not making any profit off of my work either. Capice?

You are free to redistribute anything from this website too, but you are forbidden to alter any of the work in a way that attempts to credit yourself (or anyone else) as the originator of said work. If you do redistribute anything from this website, a link back to as the origin of the work that you're redistributing sure would be nice.

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John A. Pinner IV
Naperville Illinois
United States 60563

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