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The original concept was derived from a campaign speech given by H. Ross Perot in 1992, when the author was walking off the job at the prison factory; sent him to the local computer stores to learn about "Neighborhood Computer Labs". Six months later, NeighborhoodTEACH! was formed to promote training in community centers on donated computers...a twist on the concept of watching the neighbors or Neighborhood Watch.

After about eighteen more months of work in the prison, as a part of the medical records and legal staff, the author was persuaded that the only way to TEACH others how to live without support from the government was to leave that institution and go to college and learn a trade. While taking business courses at a community college, in which the professor was expressing boredom with the topic, because of outdated textbooks, the author decided to learn about computers and desktop publishing. During the second year of college courses, he was learning how to write and publish what he was learning online; decided to contact the department heads at the college about having the students design a web site for the campus departments...that particular college decided to hire a professional to do the job and pay said professional 80k for their services. Much better idea than having the students build it for FREE...

The next phase of development was to have students decide their own field in which to train or intern, and the name Creative ApprenticeShips was chosen by the team of volunteers; with the Spanish name Aprendizajes being published in articles in local media; some of them written by the same author as a kind of weblog without the web! That activity of creating our own apprenticeship opportunities led to...

RUACH Education in Windpower Development: RUACH, or wind/spirit is known to some who see it as spiritual training; very few have heard it used to promote windpower education! The author found in the local paper that Region Occupation Training Centers were offering a windpower mechanics course at the local high school; a perfect opportunity to promote education and training, even if we never found work in the wind industry as a mechanic...after learning in high school that the author was not at all mechanically inclined! With no thought of working in the field, but just to support the new direction for education and vocational training, took the six month course; was very impressed with the level of participation, and was hired to work before the course was over, to travel to the midwest as a contractor!

The level of education was more in line with getting a piece of paper and learning the names of the tools used on the job; along with a safety orientation; similar courses are now charging 4,000 dollars for an eight week course! The Author gave very high marks to the instructor; and was even more impressed with the combined knowledge and experience of the students, some of whom were beyond the level of the instructor, who was wise enough to bring in outside experts to answer some of the more technical questions for electronics and control systems. The author discovered that his lack of aptitude for auto mechanics did not curb a fascination for kinetics and turning mechanical into electrical power.

After several years in oil and gas drilling; which paid double the amount for wind mechanics at entry level, and being injured on some faulty safety equipment, this author decided to pursue the education outreach for energy and sustainable development, as an Apprentice for any local contractor who was willing to share their knowledge, in exchange for a few decent referrals on commercial projects.

FBApprentice MentorZ is the end result of long discussions with energy and building contractors in any field; opening the floodgates of new and emerging fields to young people and those with disabilities to use social networking media to sit at their computers, or go to a Neighborhood Learning Center or the public libraries and listen to a discussion on internet radio, or a podcast anywhere in the world. Our team of industry experts continues to grow; with plans to create discussions in other languages, as those with language skills emerge from the CAVES and dungeons of the Corporate Prisons, to spend one hour each week listening and discussing the topics of the day on radio shows.

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We will continue to discuss other technologies and industries as they emerge; join the revolution to turn ignorance and poverty into knowledge and sustainable growth for the next Seven Generations.

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