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AppliedSemantics is based in Santa Monica in California. It makes software applications for online advertising, domain name and enterprise information management markets. It develops solutions for its employees, customers and business; so that they add value by better retrieving, managing and organizing any unstructured information in the organization in internet-enabled and other online environments.

CIRCA is a core component of customer relationship management software. The technology is based on an ontology that consists of millions of words, meanings, and their conceptual relationships to other meanings in the human language.

CIRCA technology is applied in Ad Sense, one of the products of the AppliedSemantics that enables Web publishers to understand the key themes on Web pages to deliver highly relevant and targeted advertisements.

Acquisition of Applied Semantics

Google, the developer of the largest performance-based search advertising program acquired AppliedSemantics on April 23, 2003. AppliedSemantics, the producer of software applications for online advertising, domain name and enterprise information management markets, was believed to toughen Google's advertising and search programs, including web site content-targeted advertisement offerings.

Release of Ad Sense

Applied Semantics launched Ad Sense on 21st Oct, 2002. It was released as an advertising solution for pay for performance, and was targeted to a particular context. It generates advertisements comprised of “conceptually relevant search terms” and pay according to the performance on the basis of search results by online visitors to the website

Ad Sense matches an advertisement from 20,000 highly targeted ad categories for a web page. According to AppliedSemantics, Ad Sense has the ability to find a predetermined ad enabling publishers to sell 100 percent of their inventory and noted a recent pilot program in which Ad Sense was displayed on more than 200,000 news page views over a two-week period, and managed to deliver an average click-through rate of 8 percent.

Ad Sense is power-driven by Applied Semantics’ patented CIRCA technology. It is a semantic engine with the aim of understanding and extracting the chief concept on a web page. The foundation of CIRCA rests on the use of an ontology, or database of millions of concepts and relationships between concepts. CIRCA lets Ad Sense go with the main concept on a web page with the most appropriate advertiser. Ad Sense crawls the web pages, and identifies the chief ideas reproduced on them, and then chooses the most useful search terms for pay-for-performance For example, a web page containing a news story on Boris Becker and the Wimbledon Cup returns search terms and advertisements for tennis tournaments and tennis clubs.

Applied Semantics then started running several pilot programs with several online publishers and portals in the hope to have one to two major deals closed by the end of the year 2004.

Product Description


Their bot skims through your web content and delivers you text or image advertisements relevant to your site. The visitors to your website find the useful. The program includes nearly all types of businesses and for nearly every type of content, irrespective of how special or exclusive it may be. The technology employed by Google matches the most appropriate and exclusive advertisements to the customer’s website. And since the ads are provided by google, there is no need to worry about maintaining advertiser relationships.

Domain Owners

It is easy to implement absence for your domains. It is easily scalable. This helps you in earning revenues immediately and fast too. It uses artificial intelligence just like human intelligence and selects the ads which are relevant to you and your visitors may find useful. There are very automatic techniques which are used in this endeavor.

Enterprise Solutions

It makes business technology simple and pleasurable. This tool has been developed by keeping customers and employees as the end-users in mind.




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