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The website ACTA INDICA » THE ST THOMAS IN INDIA HISTORY SWINDLE was created to save the many articles and essays that were originally posted on Hamsa.org (which is now defunct). The website Acta Indica » The St. Thomas in India History Swindle was created so that all issues pertaining to the St. Thomas in India controversy could be made available to the general public in India.

A record of issues pertaining to the St. Thomas in India controversy is of primary importance to Indians because the secular Indian media, in collusion with the Roman Catholic Church, refuses to allow any discussion of the subject. In their view St. Thomas's alleged sojourn and martyrdom in India is a matter of faith pertaining to the Christian community. This may be true but the St. Thomas legend is also a matter of Indian history with serious communal and political overtones.

Aside from the St. Thomas legend itself, which originates in the Acts of Thomas and has various renditions in India and Europe, the controversy concerns the vicious maligning of the Hindu community, making Hindus "apostle killers" in the same way that Jews are made "Christ killers" in Europe. Hindus are not only not apostle killers, they are the victims of an aggressive, empire-building Christian church that invaded Mylapore and destroyed the great Shiva temple on the Mylapore seashore. Santhome Cathedral in Chennai now stands on the site of the original Kapaleeshwara Shiva Temple.

The Acta Indica website has links to on-line editions of The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple by Ishwar Sharan, as well as numerous researched independent articles by important scholars like Sita Ram Goel and Koenraad Elst.

The Acta Indica website has links to all important St. Thomas in India resources.

Articles posted on Acta Indica are listed on The Myth of St Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple book's 3188364f61a5caec6cea3db52bd7ee92.png: Facebook as soon as they are published.

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