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So what in the heck is all this?
When I was a young kid (a long time ago), my father used to take a LOT of pictures with my mother, and they would develop the films themself. They used to use a Nikon F1 that my grand father bought in 1972. I played a lot with my father's camera.. But taking a lot of test pictures became quickly expensive to develop. Then a couple of years later, he bought a Nikon F4... And like before, I took his camera all over the world with me.. and it became again very expensive.. Back in 2000, I bought one of the first Nikon digital camera, a COOLPIX (a 1.5Mb pixels I think..). I loved it, until Canon came out with those nice photo printers.. I realized that 2Mb was not enough.. But I still used it a lot lot lot. It came all around with me... But I became lazy with it, because of the poor quality it was comparing to what exist nowadays. Well.. A couple of days ago, my girl friend bought me a Canon REBEL XT. What a NICE GIFT for someone who wants to come back on the scene ! So here is a website with what I think are my good pics.
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