is the social anonymous remailer to make new connections safely


Make new connections in chat rooms and forums safely through contact codes like and anonymous emails. Easy & free. Protects your online reputation. anonyme is a highly recommended, new and innovative service to make new connections in chat rooms, forums, and online games safely through contact codes and anonymous emails.

It's like a URL shortener that, instead of to websites, links to people's anonymous contact information. It lets users control who they want to accept as their new anonymous contacts. Once accepted, anonyme just forwards ("re-mails") messages between the contacts' existing email accounts, however, without exposing these email addresses publicly.

So, anonyme is also an anonymous remailer, a social anonymous remailer as they call it. (I'd also call it personal anonymous remailer because it negotiates emails always between just two persons.) This way, anonymous contacts are meant to exchange anonymous messages per email until they feel safe to get in touch directly, e.g., by exposing their social network identity on Facebook.

Because there is a private, dedicated channel, that is, email address for every user's every contact, communication is quite safe, and there are no side effects such as spam commonly sent or received through other more traditional anonymous remailers (so-called nym servers). The best of all: The user doesn't have to worry about setting up and deleting remailing addresses, or configuring any security settings. And unwanted contacts can be removed by the click of a mouse.

So, it's very easy to use, also given that the main part of the service, the communication with anonymous contacts, happens through users' existing email accounts. No need to go to the website for this. (And the service is actually free, another bonus.)

So, overall, a great new tool to extend one's social networking efforts to any public, semi-public, or private chat room, forum, or online game.

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