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You say: "The third row of buttons look best to me currently, but they still seem to lack some professionalism. I'm also keen of the "This is a Wiki!" badge, but that one doesn't scale well to small versions."

Things have changed quite a bit. Care to take a look at the current version of the document and update your comment, and perhaps even your status? Warm Regards, Brandon CS Sanders Caricature.jpg Brandon CS Sanders
Of course the current version is provisional and will change dramatically as we move forward. The way the process is currently working is: I write the document in such a way that it is a finished product that works for me. Then you look at it and tweak it (or radically change it if need be) until it is a finished product that works for you. Now that it is different, I come back and do the same again. We don't get into an edit war because each time we change it we are learning something more about what other folks care about. Add in the other participants and we can quickly converge on a finished product that works for all of the participants.

You say: Edit-chalk-10o.png is nearly good enough. It's not easily recognizable as chalk and thus not saying "EDIT ME!" right away. But the RSS symbol doesn't say "SUBSCRIBE", too but still works. So what really keeps me from voting yes is the color. I'd prefer to use a color different from the RSS icon to avoid confusion. I did like the green, blue might work as well.

Added "Skinnable ... sites that need to adapt the color to fit their scheme can do so without confusion", does this adequately address your concern about the color? Or do you want us to have a "canonical version" that has the same color everywhere, just not orange?

You say: I think there should be a generally agreed on "master color" like with the RSS icon, but it should be different from RSS' orange.

This seems like a pretty good idea. Can you help me understand the reasons why it's important? I'd like to extract the "principles" behind it so that we can add them to the page.

further progress

I left you a note here: UWEB:Status/AndreasGohr. TedErnst

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