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alksoft is a one man team. If one man can be a team, anyway. alksoft, as an organization, has only existed since the beginning of March, 2003. But Andrew L Kershaw has been around since 1979. I've been programming on Macintosh since 1997; 1995 if you count writing AppleScripts as programming. I've been doing HTML authoring since about the same time. I've got some experience with Qbasic, C, C++, Fortran 70, Java, and (ICK) Visual Basic. I also know a bit of SQL, ASP/ADO, and PHP. I've been using REALbasic since 2001, and I have a fairly strong background in scientific and numerical programming (especially for applications of physical principles).
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17975 E. Greenwood Dr., #1413
Aurora CO 80013 US

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