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The Akban martial arts school dedicates itself to building the highest martial professional skills. The Akban curriculum was based on Bujinkan koryu syllabus, but has diversified in the last twenty years to include a plethora of martial skills.

בית הספר לאומנויות הלחימה אקבן מעלה באתר אומנות הלחימה שלו בעברית ובאנגלית, חדשות לחימה, הגנה עצמית, טבלאות מאמץ לכושר, כוח וריצה וסרטונים של כושר ואומנויות לחימה באנציקלופדיה - אקבן ויקי.

The Akban project is an extension of the martial arts ethical code and exemplifies responsibility to documenting martial arts and martial arts related fitness videos in a martial arts community wiki.

A martial arts practitioner can Find videos, write about martial arts and moves and contribute to the largest open martial arts and fitness encyclopaedia. Excerpted from the website:

Couple of hundred students with more than a hundred veterans are practising Budo Ninjutsu and koryu originated in Bujinkan and elsewhere and gathering martial knowledge from everywhere.
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