Male and Female Masterbation Videos, Pictures, Stories



Male and female masturbation techniques with illustrations, pictures, videos, and written instructions. This site also includes sections for male and female masturbating synonyms, myths, and reader suggestions on how to masturbate many different ways.

Structure of Site

  • 50 different techniques that show short picture movies to illustrate the masturbation methods.
  • Interactive page on masturbation myths where readers can instantly submit content.
  • Interactive page on masturbation synonyms.
  • Interactive page for the site's readers to publish their own favorite masturbation stories, personal experiences, and methods.
  • Site is 100% free (except for extended videos).
  • No registration required, no disclosure of personal information or email address required (except for extended videos).
  • Several pages devoted to education about the Fleshlight functions and Fleshlight reviews.
  • New section on masterbation for women (separate from mens section).



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