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Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D. is the Chief Scientist at the EEG Institute of the Brian Othmer Foundation in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles). This foundation is dedicated to research, education, and clinical services in the field of neurofeedback. Dr. Othmer is also the Founder of EEG Spectrum (1988), which rapidly became the largest neurofeedback service delivery organization in the world. He is a physicist who has spent most of his career in aerospace research. However, two of his children with neurological impairments, and a third with ADHD, moved his attention forcefully to this emerging technique of neurofeedback. Dr. Othmer and his wife, Susan Othmer, have introduced several thousand professionals into the field of neurofeedback. The story of these developments is told in the book A Symphony in the Brain by New York Times Science writer, Jim Robbins.
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