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ABK-Soft is a leading international dating software and social networking software provider.


ABK-Soft has been around since 2001 and is well-known for its accomplishments in the dating script industry. Seven years of experience behind and many more plans and goals to achieve down the road. Famous for products like AbleDating®, AbleSpace® and MIXER!!® ABK-Soft is one of the pioneers in PHP Dating and Social Network Software.

ABK-Soft’s products are powering several thousands of online dating websites and social networks. Two independently run websites http://abledatingsites.com and http://abledatingreview.com showcase a small percentage of these websites featuring unique designs, owner reviews, etc.

Company Structure

ABK-Soft is based in California, USA. The development head-quarters are based in Moscow, Russia. With a staff of over 40 experts, including qualified coders, designers, webmasters, administrators, managers, and a friendly skilled support and sales team. Each department has its own independent representative website featuring history, showcase and user-generated reviews and discussions.

Software Development Department

Based in Moscow, hosting over a dozen of qualified and highly-skilled PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and Flash web-coders, ABK-Soft’s Software Development Department is busy day and night improving their products. The ABK-Soft Software Development Department is divided into 3 sub-departments:

  1. The Core – ABK-Soft’s main software development team, who are involved in the development of AbleDating®, AbleSpace®, etc. The Core is also responsible for software testing.
  2. 3D-City® Department – the guys responsible for the development of ABK-Soft’s innovative 3D-City® Software, which allows Internet users to roam around a three-dimensional world socializing with other users in real time. This department is based in the US. Professional 3D graphic designers are also involved.
  3. FlashProfile® Department – a team of experienced web-based Flash coders, specializing in the development of a revolutionary custom-structured online profiles feature for ABK-Soft’s software line.
  4. ABK-Experts – is a remote team of outsourced specialists, mostly made up of ABK-Soft’s former coders, who offer custom programming work (modding) for owners of ABK-Soft’s software solutions.

Graphics and Design Department

ABK-Soft’s Graphics and Design Department is a busy hive where professional Web-Designers, HTML and PHP coders, Flash Designers and 2D/3D Artists collide to form a squad, which is in charge of producing the most creative layouts, skins and designs for ABK-Soft’s products. The office is based outside of Moscow and can be considered as an independent Graphics and Design company. The ABK-Soft Graphics and Design Department has its own website (http://www.abkdesign.com) where one can check out past works, order a design and work directly with the team.

The Future

In 7 years ABK-Soft has done much for the development of its own products and contributed much to the dating and social networking industry, setting trends, standards and values.

ABK-Soft is as active as ever bringing life into some of the most innovative ideas in the industry:

  • FlashSpaces® - a social network engine fully based on the latest Flash scripting technologies, adding dynamics, interactivity and color to classic online dating websites.
  • PonySpace® - a ‘miniature’ version of AbleSpace® for handheld devices (PDAs, iPhones, SmartPhones, etc.)
  • AbleDating® 3.0 and AbleSpace® 2.0 – a new generation of the world popular ABK-Soft products.
  • A new set of online real 3D Games like Crazy Rally®, etc.
  • FlashProfile® - replacing dull member profile pages with fully customizable interactive and dynamic content.

Several programmers among us were in the team that created www.anastasiaweb.com and www.scanna.com, now the leaders in Russian - American matchmaking.

Contact Info

Call us: +1 (310) 928-7931

Company Name: ABK-Soft LTD. Company Number: 2078427


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Additional Information

Our staff consists of a dynamic group of professional designers, programmers, internet security and search engine optimization specialists, e-commerce professionals, and managers, all dedicated to bringing the best possible services to our customers. From a group of three - and in a few months five - young students; ABK-Soft has grown to a dynamic and effective team with a group of managers and over 30 full-time employees. Now ABK-Soft reached a level where we can provide a full series of services required for establishing a full-featured lifestyle dating platform and successfully running it over time.

The external AbleDating community software modules, like AbleSpace, YouTube-like PHP Dating Video Sharing, Flash Chat, 3D Chat, and others, are only free for a limited time. This means that afterwards, later on, all these plug-ins will, in fact, be provided separately at a low price. Don’t miss your chance to get AbleDating 2.4 matchmaking software at bargain price. There is absolutely nothing to loose, even if you are completely new to the dating business, since the company provides so much support and guidance in setting up and managing the dating site software – simply compare the knowledge base (Help and Documentation: Articles, Demos, Forum and Free Active Support) to any other PHP dating software provider. All the functions of AbleDating PHP dating script can be tested online in the Demo section, with a fully-functional Admin Control Panel, AbleSpace and PHP Social Network – just try before you buy!

So, the “This PHP dating script is too good to be true…” phrase is completely incorrect and erroneous. AbleDating PHP community software is good and it is true! All the factors mentioned above, the goals and the global strategy of ABK-Soft make it possible for AbleDating dating script to be available for anyone at a very low price. ABK-Soft is sure that no customer will be dissatisfied with AbleDating 2.4.

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