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Q: Can you point to a free public online accounting system that simply keeps track of who owes whom what?

Reason for the question: Such a system is needed for our PennyBank.Biz initiative within the framework of a SocialCommonWealth to reduce money transfer costs to a minimum. fridemar 14:12, 29 July 2007 (PDT)

A: Fridemar, I do not know of an existing platform that would serve your needs. However, I have been speaking to the folks at Source Tree Commons http://www.sourcetreecommons.org/community about what I call "Transparency in Accounting" and I believe they have a member who has open source accounting software. The people at Source Tree Commons will resonate with the SocialCommonWealth ideas. I would also be interested in talking to you about Economics of Integrated Production.

David Braden

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