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Your affordable data recovery service.


1stDataRecovery, specializes in recovering lost data from dead hard drives.

They have a wide range of recovery capabilities...from "dead, deleted, formatted, fdisked, corrupted, virus infected, overwritten, passworded, water & fire damaged, downed or inaccessible computer & electronics storage devices: hard disk drives, removable media, optical devices, and tapes."
1stDataRecovery recoveres data from an "in-house" class 100 cleanroom. They have had over 18 years of experience with this type of work, and their success rate is 88%.
Also, they recover data from many computer/laptop types, including "PC ( Windows Vista, 2000/2003, NT, ME, 98/95, DOS, OS/2, Netware...), Apple Mac, Unix ( Linux, IBM AIX JFS, Sun Solaris UFS & Veritas VxFS, SGI IRIX EFS & XFS, SCO OpenServer & Xenix & UnixWare, QNX, BSDI, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Lynx OS, HP-UX HFS Veritas VxFS, Digital VMS & OpenVMS ODS...)."




Email: info@1stdatarecovery.com

Phone Number: Office Number: 604-681-3770

                   Toll free: 1-888-226-8145


1stDataRecovery is located in downtown Vancouver, in B.C. Their address is 745-1050 W Pender st. Vancouver, BC Canada, V6E 3S7.

There are multiple drop-off locations in Canada and the U.S.
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Additional Information

1stDataRecovery also specializes in forensic services. For more information on that, visit this link. Forensic Services

1stDataRecovery has recovered many files for numerous clients. Here are a few more 'well-known' customers of 1stDataRecovery:

Seattle Police Forensic Department:
Successful password removal from notebook hard drives.

Successful recovery from dead Dell notebook hard drive.
Successful recovery from dead notebook hard drive.
Successful recovery from corrupted hard drive.
Successful recovery from water damaged hard drive.

Microsoft in WA:
Successful recovery from dead notebook hard drive with NEW windows XP, "This is great. Your handling of this issue has been outstanding and I plan to forward your reasonable cost quote and great service recommendation along to the group that is responsible for our outsourcing of data recovery services here at Microsoft."
To view more success stories, visit this link: Sucess Stories

A tip taken from 1stDataRecovery's website:

When, or if your hard drive ever crashes, never try to open it or attempt to fix it yourself. It will make the recovering job harder, and possibly unrecoverable.

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