"""ModelDesigne""" 3D-Original Wax Sculptor "Info Under Adverts


     I Design 3D Prototypes Of Any Kind In the Old Manner 
Using Plaster,Wax & Plastic's!
I have Master Experience For the Making of Three Dimensional Moulds,
Worked with many Famous Artist's of Today! 
Prototypes;3D Piece Plaster & Silicone Moulds! 

See Photos:

Productions For Any Type of Material "Great" for Mass Products!!

With out Having Any Retouch to Doo!!!! I Personly make Sculpture & Design Models. I'm Looking for An Invester for the Making of my Sculpture Candles!! Made Several Protoype Models & People Love Them!!!

ModelDesigne ( ((CandleMyLight)) )  MyArt3D  The WaxSculptor 

What I need to Doo is Mass Produce them with a Partner who can Help take Care Of the Fundings, Materials & My 3D Saved Retouch Mould's.

(Produce At Low Prices)

Keeping Ones Client Happy" Well You" Never Know" How WaxCan Glow MyArt3D

ModelDesigne The 3D Candle Wax Sculptor!
         ( ((LightByCandle)) )

 Once Hollow "Cast It In Bronze" 
"Save Money" On Your 3D-Original 

Contact Email:

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