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What (summary)

Create a tool where a user can input a word or phrase (for example, a domain name) and the corresponding AboutUs WikiPage is automatically tagged with an inputted set of categories, as well as a badge (via a template probably). This will make it painlessly easy for visitors to AboutUs (and portal builders) to add WikiPages to portals or other aggregated pages like PortlandTech or LASIK.

The code for the button would need to be editable to specify which template to add so that the user doesn't have to input these things AND we have flexibility for different intersected sets (all we need is a new template), allowing this 'Add This Here' to work as a universal tool for a variety of Content and Community projects, as well as being something the external portal builders can use for creating their own aggregated content areas.


The button would appear next to the various listings on a page, like the 'Software' heading on PortlandTech/Companies, prompting the user to enter a domain to add. On click the corresponding WikiPage would have a template added to it that includes categories PortlandTech, Company, Software and the PortlandTech badge. Once these tags are added to the page it should automatically load in the intersect set on the example page. (Might require Purgepage to purge the server's cache so that users aren't adding their URL a bunch of times because it isn't showing up immediately on the intersected list.)

Why this is important

Critical to UI of PortlandTech. Is also a large part of the "One-click Portal" (making it easy for anyone to create and edit their own portals).


When I can enter a page and see it added to the intersected list (via categories added to the page). What to do about bots hitting the add category special page?

Steps to get to DoneDone

  • Read out community suggestions and make appropriate changes.

Not Related to this Task

  • Fix the category casespace problem in the intersect extension.


Badge template order

Not sure where to put this, but because the order of the badges matter (for the Google tracking and portal skinning), when the tool adds the badge, it needs to be able to add it to the bottom of the badge list, not the top, so as to not off-set previous badge tracking/skinning. (See a page like: AboutUs.org or Mentor.com for examples of what I mean). Otherwise, my preliminary tests work pretty well. -- TakKendrick | talk Comment_green.gif

  • The order has been reversed. New badges should now appear at the end of existing ones. --Ali Aslam 04:28, 8 February 2008 (PST)

Julia's thoughts (with comments by Tak)

I used the tool to add instituteofmosaicart.com. It added the template to the "badges" area with

... also, I'm not sure why the portlandtech badge was added. It put instituteofmosaicart.com in the portlandtech sphere.

  • Julia (and others), I just switched the template it's calling around so that it adds what is clearly a test badge. Obviously, the test badge was based on the PortlandTech badge and has inadvertantly included that coding. -- TakKendrick | talk Comment_green.gif 14:49, 7 February 2008 (PST)

I would like to suggest a wording change on the first screen: At the very top: Be Included in PORTALNAME / In the main box: Being included in a portal is a great way to gain industry recognition. Enter the page name below. In italics: (For Example: Foo.com). And I think the button could say: IncludeUs/ on the next page, the main title: Congratulations! and in the main box: PAGENAME has successfully been added to PORTALNAME. Needs a Button: Return to PORTALNAME.

  • I for one would also like to discuss a wording change, primarily to one that specifically says, "You'll be adding yourself to this portal: PORTALNAME". Also, this current implementation doesn't do "mass" inclusion for portals (either add a variety of pages, or add a single page to several categories in the portal) at all, but my thought was that was always a "Rev 2.0" feature anyway. What do the developers think? -- TakKendrick | talk Comment_green.gif 14:49, 7 February 2008 (PST)
  • It would be great if we could improve on the current 'Add This Here' wizard text. We'll happily change it.
  • The current implementation does not allow mass inclusion of pages in a particular portal. We'll have to do it one at a time until that improvement is rolled out. --Ali Aslam 04:36, 8 February 2008 (PST)


What I mean by this is that it would be great to see some functionality for folks who are building portals (along with AddThisHere which is to be included in an existing portal).

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