is a free website that collects voucher codes and coupons.

What is Tom's Gutscheine?

Tom's Gutscheine is a German website that collects voucher codes and coupons for hundreds of (German) online shops.

The website contents are not aggregated automatically but rather edited professionally by hand. On average, five to ten new vouchers/coupons are added on a daily basis, enabling visitors to find the right voucher for nearly every merchant out there - ranging from both small to large businesses.

Tom's Gutscheine launched in September 2009 and is already attracting thousands of unique visitors per day. The website is entirely free of charge and will continue to stay that way forever.

"I had always wanted to provide true value on the web. Thus, I decided to create Tom's Gutscheine. It's a great feeling to know that I am helping thousands of people save actual, hard-earned money every single day." says Tom, founder of Tom's Gutscheine.

What distinguishes Tom's Gutscheine from other voucher portals?

Besides unmatched recency (new vouchers are added within minutes), Tom's Gutscheine also allows it's users to receive a weekly newsletter which provides them with last week's best offers. For free, of course.

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