Window Cleaning Perth is one of the foremost window cleaning companies in Perth, Australia. Founded upon principles of Attention to Detail, Use of Latest Technology, Punctuality, Customer Service and Risk Management, Team Window Clean is ideal for any home or business that needs their windows cleaned professionally.

We use the latest technology in carbon fiber, water fed poles. Together with our high tech water filtration systems and process built over many years of cleaning windows, when we leave, your windows and frames will be beautiful and streak-free.

Part of using these systems is we don't have to trample over your solar panels or elevated windows, unlike companies which don't use these systems.

The water we use is spot free, which will leave your windows in a near-sterile state - perfect for offices where the spread of germs must be contained as much as possible.

We don't just clean your glass. We also clean the frames and screens. This keeps your windows cleaner for longer as the dirt isn't sitting there waiting to jump back onto the glass. Anything less is just not an option for us.

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