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With over 60 years experience, we have a rich history of photography and a deep commitment to providing you with BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITURE.  We also understand the significance of this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME experience.  From casual, relaxed, and fun to dressed-up and  SPECIAL - OCCASION  elegant, your senior session will capture all sides of your PERSONALITY.  Our award-winning photographers are PERSONABLE and PROFESSIONAL.  As your senior portrait experts, we know LIGHTING and POSING and can help pick PROPS and BACKGROUNDS that complement your individuality.  Whether you want total control or a little help, we are AT YOUR SERVICE. DID YOU KNOW? Prestige also offers Prom and Dance Portraits. Click here to check it out! Nation’s leading high school senior photographer committed to providing once in a lifetime experience as well as exceptional portraits and products tailored to customer needs.

Award-winning, professional photographers create a fun and relaxed environment, while working closely with customers to capture their true personality in each senior pictures.

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