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Saral Vaastu is the simple science that will solve all your personal as well as professional problems. It’s the art of living harmoniously with one’s environment and surroundings. Through Saral Vaastu, Chandrashekhar Guruji has changed a million lives without making any structural changes in the house/work place. God always manifests himself in many ways to reach out to his people. Sometimes He does so through a chosen few. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji is one amongst them. Since childhood, he always felt and believed that his life is meant for a greater cause. He always strived to ensure well being of the people around him. More so, he enrolled himself for the defense services to serve his country and fellow countrymen. But he was destined to play a much important role in this world.

               Although, a bit dejected from this setback, he continued his education and waited for the divine light to guide him. Guruji came from a science background but he felt inspired to pursue engineering. After completing his Civil Engineering degree, he felt the urge to move out of his known surroundings and relocate to the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Here, he started his career in construction and worked towards establishing his own construction firm in an impressively short period of time. Soon, he found himself reaching new heights of success but never felt contented with it. He was one person who initiated a charitable trust called Sharan Sankula Charitable Trust to serve people in need and he was founder trustee of the trust.
               After a while, things didn't actually work out the way he wanted, and he had to face setbacks and hardship. This made him sit back and contemplate the larger question: Why life is filled with so much unhappiness? At every stage of life, you are struggling to settle issues regarding health, wealth, marriage, family and career. Isn't there a simple solution for all these problems?

Just like the Holy Scriptures say you don't find the truth, the truth finds you. Time and again, he kept seeing compass and layout plan of house and workplace in his dreams. As an engineer, he tried to interpret these dreams in a scientific way. Soon after, he received the enlightenment about the earth luck. That's what decides whether the individual will be happy or will face suffering. Blessed by god, Guruji devised his own scientific and holistic solution for the betterment of an individual's life. It's based on his knowledge of ancient Indian culture. He named it as “Saral Vaastu”. It brings together spirituality and science in a unique way to bring happiness and prosperity in an individual's life. In fact, Saral Vaastu has a positive effect on the individual's entire family. Initially, he implemented the concept in his own house and workplace and got positive results. This prompted him to spread this holistic solution of long established Vaastu principles, reinvented and simplified in the form of Saral Vaastu, for the common people who are facing untold miseries in all aspect of life.

               Staying true to his philosophy: “Vasudave Kutumbum ekum”- the whole universe my family. He realised that such monumental work cannot be accomplished successfully, single handedly, he started spreading the knowledge, training handful people as experts in his organisation to give service throughout India and abroad. Even then, he started feeling unsatisfied with his efforts and one night experienced divine intution. “Whatever you were doing is not enough to reach out to the world”. Immediately thereafter Guruji started thinking and finally he planned transferring his knowledge to the people without any GURUDAKSHINA, so that common people can predict themselves the problem that arises from their houses / workplaces. Problems may be related to wealth, health, children's education, marriage / relationship, career etc. This knowledge would also help you and others while finalising any new place for residence or workplace either ownership or rental and would ultimately help to experience peaceful life. He generously shares this precious knowledge with everyone, because he strongly believes that what comes through divine intervention belongs to one and all.
              Guruji has so far delivered more than 1,500 lectures on Saral Vaastu seminars and workshops all over India & Abroad. Also, he has been guiding people through Udaya TV,  south India’s satellite channel, for the past one year. Till date, he has resolved serious issues in more than 25,000 houses and workplaces, and helped people live a happy, fulfilling life. C. G Parivar has expanded its network of centres so that they can reach and satisfy the maximum number of people. It has Centres in Karnataka Bangalore, Hubli, Pune, Faridabad-Delhi & Bangkok (Thailand), besides having main centre in Vashi (Navi Mumbai). Recognizing guruji's philanthropic efforts, Guruji has been honored with more than 15 prestigious state, national and international awards.

Guruji’s Vision

To change the fortune of people in home and work place for betterment, to help them overcome all their health wealth business prosperity problems by inculcating a sense of confidence and security through “Saral Vaastu” a unique scientific concept.

Guruji’s Mission

To develop and deliver simple and highly result oriented positive scientific solution for happy living and enhancing the fortune of people in home and work place through our “Saral Vaastu” concept based on Ancient Indian Culture, free from impure attitudes to help people from imbalances in the living environment and eradicate all problems in business and life, to the maximum extent possible. To set right all the worries quickly and to equip people in all walks of life to realize the efficacy of “Saral Vaastu” in daily living which in turn, leads to health, wealth and prosperity with due respect to culture racial religion economic and linguistic diversity. +++++++++++++++++++++++++= You can also bring divinity and prosperity in your life by adapting Guruji's unique 5 sutras

Heartily welcoming you all to create a new world, filled with lots of harmony, love & respect as it is described in Veda's “Vasudaiva Kutumbam Ekam”. You can also bring divinity in your life through following Guruji's basic 5 principles mentioned below:

1 DO NOT CHEAT ANYBODY IN YOUR LIFE: Some people are born to clear their previous bad karma, while some are born to enjoy their previous good karma, say's Vedas. This clearly indicates that never cheat anybody in your life, otherwise, It will bounce back towards you. Even you will never have peace of mind if you cheat anybody as it would be always poking your conscious.

2)DO NOT CHANGE YOUR BASIC NATURE IN ENTIRE LIFE: Climatic nature has changes but human nature {attitude} should never change even with change in status. This would always be appreciated by all. In today's world such persons are rare and accounts even below 0.001%. One poet rightly says “Its weather that changes frequently according to time, but not human being.”

3) RESPECT & TAKE CARE ABOUT YOUR PARENTS & GURU: Normally people spend huge amount to visit shrines to have Darshan of God, but they are not bothered about a living god means their own parents. Unfortunately we seldom bother to take care of our own parents who had given birth to us. If you take care of them, their heartily blessings would have such a wonderful strength which is even stronger than any blessings.

4)HELP TO OTHER PEOPLE: In today's life everyone just thinks about himself &his family. Not even 0.001% people think to help others. You will realize the joy when you have helped other people. When they are happy, you will be getting their heartily priceless blessings which are the biggest asset that can help on your bad times & also for your children. Please note that you should not keep any expectation while helping others.

5)HOW TO BRING HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE?: Before you can think of bringing happiness in others life, first you have to experience yourself. When you have achieved a happy life, then only you are in a position to spread the same to others. To ensure a lifetime experience of such happiness, you don’t go anywhere; you can get it from your house / workplace. To enhance of your house / workplace just follow the guiding principles of Guruji's unique”Saral Vaastu”. By adopting the same, not only you can solve all your problems, but also for your family.


“SARAL VAASTU” is the art of living in harmony with your environment. It’s a purely scientific method derived from our very own ancient culture and scriptures, of dealing with the energy present all around us—of maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative energy in your home or your work place.

Ever wondered why certain places make you feel calmer, while the others make you feel extremely restless? Why is it, that you experience utter peace and tranquitly in a place of worship? How is it possible that only at a certain place in your house do you feel extrremly comfortable and relaxed?

Well all this, is a play of energy. Energy is all around us. But according to our ancient scriptures and culture, it the lack of channelising this energy in a effective way, that leads to all kinds of problems and troubles in one’s life. Saral Vaastu is the science that helps an individual understand the play of this energy in his house or work place, and manipulate it in his favour based on his birth chart and the place’s directions.

Let us explain this concept a little further…

Every person has two types of luck: Earth Luck (Vaastu) Personal Luck (Karma or Fate) While Personal Luck depends only on your Karma/Fate, Earth Luck is completely dependent from your house/work place. Saral Vaastu is the science that aims at maximizing your Earth Luck through positive modifications in your place of residence or work. This means that by directing the Earth Luck in your favour through Saral Vaastu, you can come out of almost all the problems. Personal Luck depends on your Karma/Fate Earth Luck depends on your place of residence/work Saral Vaastu aims at maximizing your Earth Luck With Earth Luck in your favour, you can come out of all your problems With Earth Luck, you’ll not be able to enjoy your Personal Luck too If your Earth and Personal Luck come simultaneously, you’ll be able to achieve whatever you want and desire.

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As described earlier, every house has various sections while every individual has favourable and unfavourable directions according to his birth chart. The main aim of Saral Vaastu is to co-ordinate and coincide an individuals’ favourable directions with the different sections of the place of residence/work so at to ensure that the individuals and other members get maximum positive results and therefore lead a life that is free from all worry and anxiety!

For instance: If the main entry of your house/work place comes in your 1st favorable direction then you will get excellent results in all your endeavors. Thus, the idea is either to match your favourable direction with the house, or to suggest techniques through which positive energy can be maximized. If main door of your house/work place comes in unfavorable direction it gives bad results such as loss in business, family disturbance, court matter, health problems etc. Thus, one should always consult an expert to know what direction can give the most positive and beneficial results. Interested? Click here to consult a Saral Vaastu Expert +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++== Saral Vaastu is energy based, there is a continuous flow of energy in confined space. There are two types of energy one positive energy & the other one is negative energy. Although it is not visible we can feel it like how we inhale oxygen & exhale carbon dioxide which also cannot be seen, but can be felt. For example when you visit a temple you get peace of mind. Why we don't get peace of mind in our own house?

               When you visit any temple you wash your feet first with water to clear the negative energy that you carry, and then enter the temple, ringing the bells. The sound of the bell evacuates negative energy from the temple, the flowers offered to God & incense sticks will enhance positive energy flow in that space. Due to all these scientific methods you get peace of mind whenever you visit any temple. In case you have any doubts, you can test this, go to any famous temple remove water connection, remove the bells & insist people not to offer any flowers, garland, not to burn any incense sticks & also to stop chanting mantras in the temple. Within a short period you will notice yourself that nobody feels like visiting the temple. Why does this happen? Since there is no water & bells to clear the negative energy, no flowers & incense sticks to enhance positive energy. Due to this negative energy occupies the entire temple space & this forces people not to visit the temple premises.
               Similarly in mosques, the faithful clean their hand, face & feet with water and pray on bent knees. Here instead of bells the prayer starts “ Allah ..ho..Akbar” driving out the negative energies in mosques. In church too, candles are lit, flowers adorn the altar, and hymns are sung, driving out the negative energy. In fact, for that matter, take any religion, each carries out its own religious practices to help drive out negative energy / evil spirit from the place of worship.
               There are 8 directions, out of these direction, every person is having 4 favorable direction and 4 unfavorable direction, according to their date of birth. These direction plays's vital role in the life of an individual ensuring prosperity / adversity.
               According to Saral Vaastu every house is having different sections like Parivar/aadar sthaan, Laxmi/aarthik sthaan , Naam / keerti sthaan, Sambandh/Vivah sthaan, Karya Kushalatha sthaan, Sahayatha/Safar sthaan, Jeevan vrutthi sthaan,Vidya/Gyaan sthaan ,and Arogya Bhagya sthaan.If these sections are missing in your house then you are facing section related problems.

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For our NRI or Out-Station Clients, we give special Vaastu consultation services online. All you have to do is send us a Consultation Form, along with an online payment of Rs. 500, and the layout of your place of residence/work. Our experts will get in touch with you and offer solutions that can bring favourable results to you, your family.

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Under dynamic leadership of Shree Chandrashekhar Guruji, CV Cons started with construction work in the year 1991 and has done some prestigious work in Navi Mumbai. In the year 1998 the Parivaar incorporated the theories of Guruji’s Saral Vaastu and are now giving life-changing solutions to millions of people! Today, Guruji conducts exclusive seminars on “SARAL VAASTU” throughout India, with a team of trained, qualified and experienced experts. The Parivaar is also involved in various social activities. Guruji is also one of the founder trustee of “SARANA SANKULAN CHARITABLE TRUST at Navi Mumbai. With its main center in Navi Mumbai, C G Parivaar a number of other centers all over India and a foreign center in Bangkok.


It is a wonderful scientific theory that cannot be compared with any other science. Moreover, other sciences like Yoga, Meditation , Art of Living , Siddhi Samadhi Yoga & Reiki gives result which are restricted only to health and peace of mind; but not in any other aspects of life, that too only for an individual who practices it. But his family member who does not practice will not reap benefit from the above mentioned religious practice. In the unique Saral Vaastu science every member of the family stands to gain from it even without participation. By implementing saral Vaastu just once in a life time you tend to gain benefits forever.

Saral Vaastu concept is unique & focuses on achieving positive results which one can experience in a tremendous sense of overall well-being. It is purely scientific based, is very affordable & easily applicable without any kind of hassle. It gives remedies without any type of breakages or alterations to the structure, without assistance of Pooja, Tantra, Mantra, or Yagya. Saral Vaastu remedies are given according to the breadwinner's date of birth, and personal suggestions are also given to each members of household / workplace, Saral Vaastu can be carried out irrespective of whether ones house is on ownership or rental basis. It is applicable in places like Just by looking at the plan or visiting the premises Guruji's disciple can tell you specifically, what problems you are facing in your house / work place.

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