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Automist - an affordable domestic sprinkler alternative

Plumis have recently launched Automist, a domestic fire sprinkler, designed to integrate seamlessly into residential properties as a lower-cost alternative to sprinklers. Triggered by a heat alarm, the unique system turns a standard monobloc tap into a water mist suppression device. Automist uses a high-pressure pump to provide whole-room protection for a fire-prone location or exit route. Automist can be retrofitted without major disruption and is almost invisible in kitchens and kitchen/diners, but can also be fitted elsewhere, for example under a staircase or in a cupboard.


Last year the system was extensively tested by BRE Global. Plumis focused on the Fractional Effective Dosage (FED) methodology, which assesses in a live burn test the likely impact of toxic gas and heat exposure on people, an approach that aligns well with the life protection objectives of Building Regulations. By running an unusually thorough test programme, Plumis was able to make direct survivability comparisons between suppressed and unsuppressed furniture and kitchen fires and was able to show that Automist creates survivable conditions for around 30 minutes even in serious fires.

This simple but clever device should become a permanent safety feature in the home.

— James Dyson 2009

Recently named one of the top 15 inventions of the last decade in an exhibition at the British library as well as scooping the prize for top invention in the James Dyson Award, Automist was inspired by insight work at the Royal College of Art/Imperial College London with London’s Fire and Rescue Services. The design team highlighted the lack of appropriate fire suppression products for residential use and that few existing solutions focused on key risk areas – for example around 65% of fires start in the kitchen. Fire alarm and suppression products are traditionally seen as “industrial grade” solutions that cost thousands of pounds per dwelling, impose severe aesthetic constraints, and do not target the highest risk areas of the home. Plumis was founded to create targeted, elegant, but effective alternatives.

I have little doubt in my mind that this product will have a major influence in enhancing safety within the home for many years to come....I have no hesitation in recommending this innovative product across the entire almshouse movement.

Trevor Hargreaves - Deputy Director of The Almhouse Association

How does Automist work:

If a kitchen fire starts the system is triggered automatically by a wireless heat detector. Detection is based on industry standard heat detectors as recommended in Approved Document B, effectively eliminating nuisance alarms. It can also be activated manually by pushing a button. This starts an under-sink pump which drives mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly filling the kitchen with dense fog, suppressing the blaze.

Meet building regulations in refurbishments and open plan spaces:

Fire protection measures required by Building Regulations can often limit the layout and aesthetics of residential developments. The 2006 part B allows Building Control Officers to consider alternative methods of overcoming fire precautions in dwellings where a loft conversion takes the property to 3 or more stories. One option is to install Automist in a stairwell to protect the escape route where compartmentation should be in place but is either undesirable or not possible to achieve.


Automist is bringing active fire protection to homes where previously it was cumbersome or impractical, reducing the cost of property conversions and bringing forward major refurbishment projects, making modern layouts viable and attractive.

Contact Plumis, the company behind Automist

If you have questions, comments, or are interested in services contact Plumis and learn more about residential fire life protection.

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