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Hindu panchangams and calendars for the world, for everyone to say its mypanchangam. The website provides hindu panchang prepared for major cities of the world. will be happy to add panchangam of your city if you can't find there.


Excerpted from the website description:

Hindus all over the world celebrate festivals, perform special ceremonies -- house warming, naming, annaprasana, weddings, upanayanam. For all of these activities they depend on auspicious time -- muhurtha. People also check muhurtha when they start their new job. Most panchang / Panchangams prepared in india are for india only. Due to the fact earth is round they can't be followed outside of india, although the important factors like tithi, nakshatra, yoga, and karana end at the same instance all over the world after deducting the time difference but the local sunrise and sunset determine many factors of muhurtha and festivals thus this invalidates the usage of indian panchang prepared in india, what we need is panchangams prepared for local places. However one panchang for nearby cities will be valid but when the distance increases the time plays its role and invalidates the panchagam. India is relatively smaller country hence panchang made for one place in india can be used in other place (withsome exceptions). tries to solve this problem by providing panchangams, chogadia tables, rahu kalam times, yamagadam times, gulika times, abhijit muhurtham times, lagna pravesh times, hora pravesh times for major cities of the world, helping people all over the world to celebrate their festivals correctly. Please visit website for more details.

This website provides necessary tools for purohits, priests, shastri, shastrigals, astrologers living in anypart of the world to fix auspicious time for their clients/yajamans who live out of india, enabling them to help their clients/yajmans.

Additional Information is the brain child of Pandit Mahesh Shastri with inspirations from his grandfather and guru Yajurvedacharya Late Shri Pandit Maganlal Devshanker Shastri (known as Shastriji). The software for making panchangam was built during the christmas of 2006. The website was launched after January 8th 2007. It shortly became very popular satisfying the need for online panchangam based on latest drika ganita siddhanta used in most modern and latest panchangams published in india but now prepared for many countries, helping indians living abroad and even living in india.

Pandit Mahesh Shastri (also known as Shastriji, like his grandfather) who is software engineer, astrologer, hindu priest and panchanga siddhanti wrote the panchanga software using 'C' and NASA's JPL DE405 high precision ephemeris. The software is still in working progress written for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server environment. Pandit Mahesh Shastri is also known as Mahesh Upadhyay. He wrote the famous freeware Nakshatra software along with Mr. Vijay Mukhi based on Moshier's ephemeries. is a work to extend nakshatra with webbased front-end but using highly precise JPL DE405 ephemeris.

There are various reasons for using NASA's JPL ephemeris. Primary reason being vedic calculation systems like Grahalaghava and Suryasiddhanta has not been updated in years. The position of stars, sun and moon and others are not static with reference to some fix stars, and they have not beeen timely updated into Grahalaghav, and Surya-siddhanta, this giving computation error upto 2 hours in their apparent timings. The tradition of ancient Indian astrnoomy also accept that the calendar needs to be updated from time to time. The present Vedic Calendar is a Sayana Panchanga (Ayanamsha needs to be applied to arrive at nirayana panchanga). That is the reason why you'll notice most online, or print vedic panchangams are off by minutes to couple of hours. Some websites uses javascript based panchangams without using any ephemeris files, those also leads to error of about 2 minutes. Some of the prominent panchangam websites still use old methods of showing the ending times of tithi and other details using ghati, pala. You need another math to convert it to hour minute. One thing is true that whenever manual calculations are involved they lead to computational errors. Computers on otherhand perform accurate computations. website has a beautiful and detailed explanation why panchangam based on Indian location cannot be used elsewhere in the world to fix muhurtham and other things requiring people to follow correct panchangam for that location to build auspicious time for their event. The website provides essential tools to astrologers living anywhere to find auspicious muhurtham for their clients (yajmaans). Please visit the website today.

The website is free to use! The data contained is free to use!

Panchangam Features

What we have now: offers panchangams for different cities in the world with rich set of information like:

  • Nakshtra names in multi-languages (Tamil, Malayalam, Samskrit)
  • Panchangam for many cities of the world in easy to read calendar format (Vaar, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga Karana)
  • Lagna Pravesh Tables for each city on the website along with auspicious pushkaramsha or pushkara bhaga
  • Chogadia Pravesh Table for each city
  • Panchangam with Sun rasi pravesh / Samkranti timings
  • Panchangam with Moon rasi pravesh timing
  • Varjyam timings
  • Durmuhurtha timings
  • Abhijit Muhurta timings
  • Sun rise and sun set timings
  • Precise Rahu-kalam, Yama-gandam and Gulika kalam calculated based on local sunrise / sunset for given city.
  • Weekly horoscope prediction
  • Yearly horoscope prediction

Future Planning

  • Hora Table
  • Muhurtham Information
  • Integrated Festival Information
  • Ephemeris of planets (UT 0h)
  • Muhurtha Advisory forum (coming shortly, Mr. Sistla Garu will be helping us)
  • Articles on Muhurtha
  • Articles on Astrology
  • Astrology Advisory Panel
  • Free Horoscope (North / Indian format with Lahiri, B.V.Raman, and KP Ayanamsha) upto Tishamsha Charts
  • Full KP Horoary Chart Support
  • Match Making
  • Integration with Microsoft Passport and/or other technology to assosiate user data

Apart from this we have lots of things planned in near futures. Please check back again in near future. We are updating our site regularly.

Team is run by team of professionals with years of experience in their fields. They are availble for their professional services in their field of expertise. Please contact them if you need any help. We are thankful to NASA for letting us use their JPL data.

  • Yajurvedacharya Late Sri Pandit Maganlal Devshanker Shastri
Drika Siddha Panchang Ganitha, Siddhanta, Shastradha, Eclipse Calculation, Panchang Software and the Concept
Advisors (Muhurtha / Astrology / Shastradha)
Website Design
Management & Marketing
  • Nayana Upadhyay
  • Sowjanya Kodidala

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