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At My Canadian Pharmacy Mall we combine a great variety of essential components that contribute to fast recovery: from a comprehensive knowledgebase on diseases and interviews with seasoned professionals to a vast selection of cheap pharmaceuticals offers by trustworthy, time-tested online drugstores. At My Canadian Pharmacy we eradicate the root problems associated with shopping for drugs online: lack of safety in products, security in transactions and almost complete absence of customer service. We gather online pharmacies with impeccable reputation and ensure that they stick to fair, transparent shopping, so thousands of people can take advantage of affordable meds freely.

We are the advocates of natural competition, and the ecosystem we are building efficiently promotes it - in aspiration to gather more customers our drugstore partners tend to provide you with extra value, whether it is a personal discount, juicy bonus or some auxiliary service like free shipping. So while the most savvy partners enjoy a growing customer base, numerous buyers embrace the benefits as a result of fair competition development - it’s a total win-win for everyone.

Finally, people love the way we save their precious time - an unparalleled selection of drugs offers with an impressive set of free consulting opportunities do the trick. You no longer have to share your delicate problems in tough face to face conversations - now you can consult a specialist anonymously online. There’s no point in digging through piles of spammy sites in Google - virtually everything you need in terms of pharmaceuticals is gathered under one roof. There’s even no need in dropping at your local pharmacy - all the products you choose at My Canadian Pharmacy are delivered to your door in firm, discreet packages.  

Saving your money with generics doesn’t have to be risky: how it works at My Canadian Pharmacy Mall

So the downsides and advantages of using generic medications are quite well-known, and this way or the other, the economic feasibility of the approach is undeniable. Now when your choice is thoroughly protected (all the products meet the highest industry manufacturing standards and the risks are minimized), you can cut down your expenses by up to 80% on each pill. A refund program maintained by every partner represented at My Canadian Pharmacy simply doesn’t leave room for further questions.

3 awesome facts why My Canadian Pharmacy Mall is on the crest of a wave in 2016

Let facts speak louder than words - the platform has managed to fortify the amount of traffic in less than 1 year and grow its clientele by almost 75%. So here are the things behind the impressive results:

  1. Customer service is the cornerstone of My Canadian Pharmacy Mall
    The lion’s share of online pharmacies that occupied Google’s first several pages are making the most of their current position: search engines will throw them away, it’s just a matter of time. Until it happens, their core goal is to drive sales by any means necessary. Armed with scam tactics, spam methods and even fraud approaches they conduct their business and sink into oblivion. At My Canadian Pharmacy things are different: the platform’s philosophy relies on fair, transparent business operation - that’s why everything is designed around real people. Professional consultations, truly helpful customer care team, a rich choice of secure payment methods and quick delivery - we make sure everything is ready for human-friendly interaction.
  2. The quality of products going through the roof
    Despite all the efforts of authorities and search engines, online pharmaceuticals sales still lack proper regulation, which makes a solid contribution into the spread of poor quality and counterfeit products. The consequences of taking such drugs are unpredictable, and that, of course, stops millions of patients from picking up this direction. At My Canadian Pharmacy all the businesses undergo an in-depth audition before getting an approval to use the platform. Moreover, the activity of an online pharmacy is closely monitored throughout its entire partnership period with My Canadian Pharmacy. Therefore, if the fact of repeated violations (including sales of doubtful quality drugs) is confirmed in one or several cases, an immediate penalty would be issued, up to cessation of the partnership agreement and providing a complete refund for the customer. Our partners cherish their reputation and are not interested in losing their audience. That’s how you stay protected - enjoy simply stunning quality at reasonable prices. 
  3. Everyone loves money savings
    When you choose quality generic medications - you save money and make use of the equal efficacy the branded drugs provide. At My Canadian Pharmacy the quality of generics is guaranteed, and your pure money savings may account for up to 80% against the background of original meds. Moreover, you can go further and take advantage of free shipping (the odds to qualify for it with a $200+ orders are always very good), heaps of bonuses and even giveaways. You don’t need a prescription to get the necessary meds, so you can save on a visit, which works perfectly in those cases where you are absolutely sure that you need to ask for a refill prescription.

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Health problems in males: the alarming tendencies you’d like to be aware of

My Canadian Pharmacy Platform has initially started making its name from focusing on men’s health aspects, largely due to the fact of acute insufficiency of easy to comprehend information and affordable meds to combat this or that issue. The rapidly changing reality is another vital aspect. The evolutionary stage of humankind where males worked all day on their feet to feed themselves and its family is gradually passing away, replaced by sedentary lifestyle jobs, as a rule - more prestigious and better paid. Unfortunately, the new realities bears multiple health risks: sedentary lifestyle adversely impacts your health from various angles.

  1. Weakened potency
    Maintaining satisfactory sexual health requires constant circulation of blood in the pelvic area. In the sitting position the circulation is disturbed, which can lead to congestion processes, which oftentimes provoke inflammations and inflammatory diseases.
  2. Prostatitis
    Observed in males only, prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Problems with urination, burning sensations in the perineum, reduced potency, premature ejaculation… and that’s a far from complete list of symptoms of the disease. Unfortunately, the chances to live full sexual life even with non-acute prostatitis significantly decrease.
  3. Spine disease
    This is where osteochondrosis of the lumbar may manifest, and its connection with prostatitis is not accidental. With little mobility of the lumbar, congestion process affect the areas below the genitals. Therefore, prostatitis is often observed as the next logical stage of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar. Scoliosis, an incorrect seating position, doesn’t take it long to manifest as well: it is diagnosed in those cases where in a sitting position the load on the spine is higher than when a person is standing.
  4. Obesity
    Many do not realize that obesity in men is the cause of disorders of potency and hormonal balance. Estrogen, female sex hormone, that forms in adipose tissue is a complete opposite of the male hormone - testosterone. That causes violations in metabolism that is manifested with abdominal fat deposits accumulation and breasts growth. But what is way more important, obesity contributes to the emergence and rapid development of a wide array of issues: from cardiovascular problems to erectile dysfunction manifestations.
  5. Reduced muscle tone and weakened immunity
    In the absence of proper load, muscles atrophy, a loss of the proper tone, is just a matter of time. The atrophy of the heart muscle is especially dangerous, as this muscle is responsible for the vital functions of the whole organism. The weakening of the heart muscle is often the cause of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, angina, and etc.

Overcoming sexual dysfunction can be easier than you imagine

Erectile dysfunction is observed in approximately 40% of middle-aged men (35-40 years) in the well-developed countries. The statistics of references to the urologist in the US, Canada, England and Hong Kong suggests that the problems with potency are observed regardless of country of residence, until the globalization distinctive features are there. In the US, the problem affects more than 10 million of males from 18 years old, in Germany the similar official estimate is 5 million. The real picture is much more complicated: economic shocks, sedentary lifestyle and unfavorable ecological situation dramatically increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. But incidence rates in these countries are understated because of the reluctance of residents to advertise their problems in sexual life. What is also important, the concept of erectile dysfunction are often pronounced with negative connotation, and recognizing the inconsistency in bed is a tough step for a larger part of men.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be manifested in different ways: loss of erection during the intercourse, lack of any morning or night erections, insufficient hardening of the penis during arousal, premature ejaculation and dozens of other problems. And these problems may have organic and psychological nature. The organic ED is most often caused by problems with blood vessels - inadequate permeability or reduced pressure in the veins and capillaries located in the penis: thus, erection loss can be partial or even complete. The initial stage of the disease is characterized by the absence of spontaneous erections during sleep.

Not many manage to pull the trigger…

The problem is best eliminated at the initial stages; however, an overwhelming majority prefers to postpone the visit to a doctor until the disease turns sexual life into a nightmare. Some choose not to share their delicate problems even with professionals (and this is where, by the way, you can turn anonymous My Canadian Pharmacy consultations into account), other believe the problems would be temporary… and virtually everyone is imagining the worst case scenario where a surgery is the only way. And not many know that pharmaceutical treatment is prescribed in over 80% of cases, while surgery is the solution in the bottom of the list. Treatment of erectile dysfunction includes a set of measures aimed at restoring not only the normal blood circulation in the penis, but also to combat the psychological trauma from awareness of sexual impotence male. Treatment with pharmaceuticals in its case is all about gentle experience and fast recovery in 7 or 8 cases out of 10.

The Blue Pill Magic at its Best - Generic Viagra at My Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Viagra, the pioneer of revolutionary ED treatment, the drug that was created accidentally, landed on the shelves of online drugstores in 1998. This is the first of its kind tabletted drug designed for oral use that demonstrates impressive performance expressed in a substantial number of men with potency problems - the success rate is observed in around 73% of cases. The drug is appointed to ED patients as the first line medication - sildenafil citrate, its active ingredient, normalizes erections with the first intakes in many cases.

The drug’s effect is due to the fact that the active substance dilates the arteries and increases the amount of blood that flows into the corpus cavernosum of penis. This blood flow enhances the  erection, enlargement and hardening of the penis. Despite numerous misconceptions, Viagra is not a remedy for stimulation of erection - it conducts its business only in the presence of natural excitation. Once the sexual act is completed and ejaculation takes place, the penis goes back to natural, relaxed state.

Generic Viagra should be taken at a dose of 1 tablet a day, about an hour before entering into a sexual act. The individual reaction in the body requires further adjustments in dose regimen, although typically the onset of action is observed from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. The drug is taken with water, preferably on empty stomach to enhance absorption. The effect is maintained up to 4 hours, and taking more than 1 dose of the drug per day is contraindicated.

The price for the original drug starts from $20/pill, while generic medications at My Canadian Pharmacy are offered 4 - 6 times cheaper. Moreover, at My Canadian Pharmacy you arm yourself with exclusive generic Viagra modifications, such as Viagra Professional and Viagra Super Active plus; an increased dosage of active ingredient in one and addition of dapoxetine in another will help you to treat the most acute forms of ED and combat premature ejaculation.

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Generic Cialis ‘The Weekend Pill’ working wonders

This PDE5 inhibitor representative is based on the active ingredient tadalafil, which increases the blood flow to the tissues and contributes to the relaxation of smooth muscles of arteries of male genitals; it’s mechanism of action is almost completely identical to the one in Viagra and Levitra. After taking the pill, in the event of natural excitation, blood vessels located in the cavernous bodies of the penis get filled with blood, causing a significant decrease in the outflow of blood from the genitalia and the establishment of a blood pressure gradient.

As with other similar drugs, Cialis produces its effect only in the presence of sexual stimulation - it’s an essential prerequisite, otherwise the preparation will not have the desired effect. The pill doesn’t eliminate the causes of circulatory disorders, although it provides a strong short term effect allowing to have a full sexual intercourse. Cialis is a tool that demonstrates results even in severe erectile dysfunction (68% success rate). Overall, clinical effectiveness of the drug in the pre-approval study attended 400 participants suffering from erectile dysfunction of various etymologies and degree. 81% of subjects observed a significant improvement in erections while taking this drug.

So what are the main advantages of Generic Cialis?

  1. The drug begins to act very quickly - within 20-25 minutes after ingestion, faster than Viagra
  2. As for the duration of effect Cialis outperforms the popular counterparts - Levitra and Viagra: one tablet provide the effect for up to 36 hours
  3. The drug is not contraindicated with small doses of alcohol and fatty foods
  4. The drug is found to be safe for use in those suffering from diabetes. In addition, the use of Cialis tablets is allowed men who have liver and kidney diseases, typically requiring no special dosage administration.
  5. At My Canadian Pharmacy you can get Cialis that comes in a variety of dosage options to guarantee optimal performance.

The Top League: Generic Levitra at its best

The principle of operation of Levitra is based on the same mechanism of blocking chemicals that cause blood flow outflow from the penis; thus, contributing to a comprehensive erection boost. In a number of pre-approval clinical studies about 80% of men reported that Levitra improved erection. The drug boasts the highest results against the background of its competitors as for clinical efficacy; released in 2003, 5 years after the commercial release of Viagra, it slowly, but gradually regains the positions - in 2015 Levitra was prescribed 9 times more frequently than in 2004.

Based on vardenafil, Levitra is the safest preparation available in the market - the risks of side effects are lower than in Viagra and Cialis. The onset of action is observed within as little as 15 minutes on average, while the duration of effect is estimated at 8 - 10 hours. The drug is compatible with small doses of alcohol, and its absorption rate is not impacted by foods.

The price range for original Levitra starts from $17.50/unit, while according to the latest offers published by My Canadian Pharmacy partners, you can get a generic version of the drug starting from as little as 1.89 per pill.

The ultimate choice of ED pills at My Canadian Pharmacy Mall (+ 10%OFF discount)

Looking to make the most of your treatment? Your searches for affordable, finest quality drugs end at My Canadian Pharmacy: an absolutely incredible selection of quality ED drugs, advanced safety protection of each order and fast delivery - these are the things that guarantee that you make a right choice. You can cut off your expenses further with a 10%OFF discount - use ‘GENERICS10’ promo code at checkout and get an additional 10% discount applied to your order!

What customers say about My Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Brian LaBerge, 35 years, Toronto
Just go for it. Seriously. These guys deserve a chance - unlike in other drugstores it seems like they care about what they write and offer. Totally recommended

Barbara Dodson, 52 years, Vancouver
I’ve managed to find a decent deal in just a couple of minutes. The delivery took 8 business days, and I didn’t pay a penny for it. The quality of the drugs raises no questions.

Tom Romero, 57 years, Ottawa
I’ve got my package safe and sound in less than 2 weeks and managed to save $227 on the meds I’m using on an ongoing basis. That’s just incredible, because I can see no difference in comparison with branded medications!

Martha Polanski, 35 years, NYC
Well, you never know how it goes - I couldn’t imagine myself looking for cheap alternatives to branded meds. I’m happy to use My Canadian Pharmacy Mall because they give the opportunity to spend less and make my treatment way more affordable. Thanks!

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