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WikiIndex is the wiki of wikis. It is an effort to create a complete directory of wiki websites out there on the Internet, with a description of each wiki and various systems of categorisation. We want to help people find the kinds of wikis they are most interested in and to map out the Internet-wide wiki landscape.

Since this site is also a "wiki", its pages are created and edited by people like you, so please join and contribute to this effort and Add a Wiki or check out Community Portal!

What WikiIndex is not

WikiIndex is not an encyclopedia - If you've seen, you'll recognise the MediaWiki software that this site uses. Wiki software allows you to create pages and interlink topics very easily, but here we are only interested in creating pages of a particular type; we are not building an encyclopedia. That's what Wikipedia is for. (And it's very good at it. Check it out if you haven't done so already!) On this wiki every regular page (i.e. every page in the main namespace) is a page describing a wiki or a wiki person. Generally, administrative "meta" pages like this one, which provide supporting information about the task of building WikiIndex, are in the "project" namespace, so people wanting to browse by using the "random page" button will find wikis or people, not instructions or discussions.

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WikiIndex History

MarkDilley had a comprehensive alphabetical wiki list of over 1000 wikis, called SwitchWiki that he had been building since mid 2002. Mark had worked on SwitchWiki with others and documented the ideas at MeatballWiki OneBigWiki and WikiNodes ProgressionofWikiOrganization was created by Ray King and John Stanton in June 2005 as a way to track the wiki sites they thought had value for them (which was approximately 60).

At the WikiSym conference in San Diego in October 2005 Ray and John joined forces with Mark.

The three made the decision to join efforts. The resulting wiki was to be more comprehensive by taking full advantage of wiki technology. John converted and expanded the data from both sites and built out the original set of wikis in January of 2006. Throughout 2006 a community formed around WikiIndex and greatly expanded the number of wikis and improved the original format. By November 2006 the article count was at 3,195 and WikiIndex had become the authoritative source for information about Wiki sites.

WikiIndex dedicated volunteers include the following who have sysop status: Ray King, MarkDilley, John Stanton, TedErnst, David Cary, Mattis Manzel and Sean Fennel. Many, many others have contributed significantly to WikiIndex in all kinds of capacities.

In January of 2007, switched over to, changed hosting from 1and1 to DreamHost and upgraded to MediaWiki 1.8.2. In March of 2007 DreamHost experienced a server failure and was unable to restore WikiIndex and many other sites. WikiIndex was rebuilt back on 1and1 on MediaWiki 1.9.3.


Mostly English and French, but Italian, Swedish and German translations can also be found.

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