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'''Scroll down to the empty field below if you want to leave me a message.'''
== comment by [[User:Yichen Liu|Yichen Liu]] ==
Hey Asad,
I just finished a AboutUs page: http://www.aboutus.org/BuyerAtLarge.com
could you please dofollow the page?
Thanks and have a nice day!
== comment by [[User:JaredMooreES|JaredMooreES]] ==
Hi Asad,
I created a new page and was wondering if you could dofollow the page?
Thanks again for your help!
== comment by [[User:Jeff Oxford|Jeff Oxford]] ==
Hi Asad,
I've been spending more time on AboutUs.org and just updated another AboutUs page:
It should be good to go but let me know if you think it needs anything else. If it looks good can you set it to dofollow?
== comment by [[User:augustomantilla|augustomantilla]] ==
Happy new year Asad,
Thanks for help me to redirect the uri page.
If i can help you in anything please tell me.
== comment by [[User:Jeff Oxford|Jeff Oxford]] ==
Hello Asad, happy new year!
Just finished a must needed update for MyLife.com:
Let me know if the page needs anything else, if it looks good feel free to update to dofollow status.
== comment by [[User:Iacobini Ariel|Iacobini Ariel]] ==
thank you for helping me out,
best Wishes,
Iacobini A.
== comment by [[User:sundaypeter23|sundaypeter23]] ==
thanks 4 ur good wrk keep it up
== comment by [[User:manuella tv|manuella tv]] ==
you removed the truth said about  dailydiapers so basicaly you support their action of punishing the victime and praising the lies?
that is wrong what i wrote about that site was the truth just the truth that i lived  with my name was slandered by them  so its just warning the others to be carefull about that website.  cause they can be slander for no reason.
== comment by [[User:Joemar Garcia Balon|Joemar Garcia Balon]] ==
== comment by [[User:Andrew E Barnes|Andrew E Barnes]] ==
Hi Asad,
Just got notification that you had updated my personal About.us page by adding links to pages for my websites on About.us.
Then I see that you had done some nice summaries for me about them. Nice surprise. Particularly liked your summary of ethicalandgreen.net.
Thank-you so much. Great job.
Liked your own profile as well.
== comment by [[User:Andrew E Barnes|Andrew E Barnes]] ==
Hin Asad.
Thanks for the invite to request dofollow linking.
I have updated http://www.aboutus.org/EthicalAndGreen.net so please do go ahead with this page. Will let you know when I've done the other 2 pages. Thanx a lot.

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