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Stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site

The or stock.XCHNG is an alternative for expensive stock photography. This is a website where people can share their creative photos in order to inspire other people or to simply do their work. It deosn’t matter if you are a profesional photographer, or you simply like to take pictures, this website is an excellent resource of data and photos. You can use this web site even if you just want to visit the immense photo gallery or you may use it in order to share your own photos with people around the world. The pictures are set in categories and you can very easily browse through every category of the incredible gallery that contains almost 2 hundred thousand unique quality photographs. There are many things you can find on this website. Maybe you are looking for a wallpaper for your desktop or just looking for an original picture for your website design. Also, you can get inspired by these pictures or simply just take a look and admire the beautiful work of all these people. You can do this by entering the browse section and see some random high rated photos.

On the top of the front page of this website there is a quick search option of image categories, featuring general, textures, shapes and colors, blurs, abstract, playing with light, and many more. Read the featured blog and the tutorial posts, so if you are an amateur photographer, you can acquire some new skills. This is a valuable section, considering the fact that it functions as a free lesson. On the right hand side, you will get the latest site news, including postings of the photo ongoing competitions, so you might want to send some pics and participate just for fun. Entering the Forum will be a pleasant adventure. There are several chat rooms, featuring general chat, photo critiques, photo requests, chat rooms where you can post your photos, miscellaneous. Last but not least the lovely Artist Corner forum will give you the opportunity to talk to professional photographers, designers etc. Also, if you have any questions concerning this field you can very easily find an answer by posting your question on the site and you will see that in no time somebody will reply to you and will help you find an answer.

So, what do you need to do in order to benefit of all these? Become a member! Once you have registered on this site you will have the possibility to communicate with other members, to view all their works and also be able to comment and receive comments on your own work. Some members on start as beginners and in time they learn a lot of valuable information that helps them improve their work. However, the vast majority of the members are designers who are sharing their work with other professionals in a friendly community. It is true at a certain extent that the people here are photography addicts who offer their work to the public for free just for the fun of it. There is absolutely no restriction for members and if you feel that photography is very important for you and you have some pictures you are dying to share, is definitely the site for you.




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