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Star Nursery began operations in Nevada in August 1983. The company was then known as Southwest Landscape Supply, Inc. It was renamed Star Nursery, Inc. in 1986. We currently operate retail/commercial nursery outlets in the Las Vegas Valley, Southern Utah and Arizona.

In Las Vegas, we currently have 7 stores in operation throughout the valley. The newest opened at 5380 Blue Diamond Road in February, 200 5 with the grand opening celebrated on March 19th . It incorporates everything we have learned about the nursery business over the last 2 2 years. Th is new store is one of our largest and will serve the southwest part of the valley. It is spacious, well laid out, has a huge, easy-to-shop plant yard and provides the biggest selection of everything the 'do-it-yourself' landscaper will ever need.

Operations in Utah began in March 1992. We now operate 2 retail/commercial nursery outlets in the Southern Utah area. In the fall of 1998 we opened the second location. This one is located at the Old Washington Cotton Mill, one of the oldest buildings in the area. After purchasing the facility, Star Nursery did an extensive remodel and restoration on the old building and has accepted the position of caretaker of this historical site. With two stores in the southern region of Utah, St. George and Washington, there are terrific shopping opportunities for everyone from the home gardener to the professional landscaper.

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