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SOMALIA WATCH is a Non Governmental Organization created to help increase the understanding of the Somali issues. SOMALIA WATCH shall focus on the Governance and Human Rights situation in Somalia.

On the governance, SW will focus to highlight the failure of the Somali State. Somalia is experiencing the longest period of statelessness in the contemporary world. Why has this happened to one of Africa's most homogeneous society? If one takes the broad definition of what constitutes a nation to be common language and religion, certain geographical territory, common culture, history, tradition and racial origin, the Somali people would definitely qualify as a nation. But Somalia is also a living proof that these characteristics, however essential they may be for a state to qualify as a nation, are not in themselves enough to build a nation.

The country now is experiencing a process of re-birth, re-making of the nation by constituent building blocks. This natural process will take time to crystallize and get established and SW will highlight this process.

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