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Natural Search


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Getting to the top of search engine's today takes more than just Google best practice SEO, it requires our individual and collective innovation. But getting to the top still isn't enough - you need to stay there too. Adword search and national search engine optimisation are two very different things. For a start, you can't buy search engine optimisation. Directed by national or local search relevancy, social currency and algorithms, SEO is hyper competitive and not a little ambidextrous. In order to succeed in organic search you need four different facets - a machined approach, a strong knowledge of SEO, a sturdy foundation and, of course, social realms in order to benefit from all the treasures that are available for both national and local businesses.




Bespoke Solutions


Here at CoolBison we combine our expert local knowledge with an incredibly complex research approach which allows for a strong foundation for delivery returns with every click. We provide simple, easy to understand reports to help you see where your website is making a profit on investment, whether through tablet, desktop or mobile applications. Our bespoke solution meets the needs of every company, from small local campaigns to national extensive SEO portfolios. Nothing is automated, nothing is taken for granted, we perform a genuine analysis and our genuine results are all backed up by a comprehensive guarantee. We are paving the way in the industry with our cutting-edge SEO and you can be certain that your company's website will navigate its way right to the top of the top search engines.




Our Succeses


SEO Bristol agencies are a seriously flooded market and indeed, many of the UK's (and Bristol's) SEO agencies have a lot going for them, but we can offer something more. We can help you understand the best way to change your website for the better and to navigate the confusion of income streams and rankings. Our clients both past and present will testify to our excellent results and our impeccable resources. Let us make SEO work for you and we can demonstrate the impressive results that we have achieved for other leading business in Bristol and across the UK. We're confident that we can provide the high quality service that you are looking for.




Our Full SEO Service


Ahead of the GameSearch engine algorithms are always changing and it's our job to stay ahead of the game. Every day, our dedicated systems are testing SEO's most crucial facets so that we're on the ball, ready to move whenever a signficant change emerges. We're leading the way with our websites, social pages and other online properties so that there will never be a negative impact on our clients' websites.




Specialist Keyword Optimisation


It's an art to strategically place carefully researched keywords on webpages, as the algorithmic spider bots see things very differently to human viewers. We will never just dump a keyword phrase randomly on your webpage, we take pride in using smart strategies and our experience in the industry to guarantee the best exposure to your target audience.





Analyzing, Learning and Applying


One of the major facets of success in SEO is to gather the essential information that can entirely alter a website's ranking position. We always analyse your competitors to find out what they're doing well and more importantly, what they could do better. It's by using this information that we can create a blueprint that will lead to your business' success.




Votes And Links


You need to know which links are empowering your competition to rank and then build your own powerful and long lasting link campaign. By leveraging top keyword phrases you can develop a "one of a kind" link campaign that will really achieve results and boost your site up the rankings.




Social Currency


Finding where your clients and potential customers are hanging out and what they're interested in is the first vital social currency to know about. The second is the encouragement of engagement, and this is key to attracting the attention of search engines, and most importantly, Google. Even a small social audience (such as a Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn audience) can share your message as long as they are loyal to your brand, and by doing so Google will discover that your services, products and website as a whole is relevant in today's marketplace.




As an SEO Bristol Business Service we offer


  • Optimisation based on local knowledge
  • Site optimisation
  • Social optimisation
  • SEO that is mobile responsoble
  • Analytical optimisation
  • Local video (YouTube) optimisation
  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Fully guaranteed results

We are a Bristol business built to work for other Bristol businesses.





As a National & International SEO Business Service we can offer:


All of the above benefits plus


  • Country specific top level domain (TLD) optimisation
  • SEO in multiple languages
  • Dedicated servers and/or IP support
  • Hands on training and/or support



Regional SEO
We have also expanded our local SEO client list to include Gloucestershire, Bath, Dorset, Swindon and South Wales.




Link Vote SEO (Websites Within The Same Industry That Have A Relationship )


Links (sometimes referred to as votes) have a key role in the placing of a website during natural searches. This is the method by which a website's digital integrity and relevancy is demonstrated.There are two types of links to be aware of. The first are "man made" - basically links from business listings (citation submissions) and guest posts, and the second are "natural" - these are links from other websites within your industry where your business is mentioned. You can only achieve this if the content of your website is so interesting that it is acknowledged by others using a link. Both types of link building boost your website up the search engine rankings for the search terms that relate to your products and services.Here at CoolBison, we customise link strategy around your top keywords and at the same time, we will improve your brand awareness. This will elevate your website through trust, power and authority, three vital criteria to Google's terms of service and your potential clients and customers.




Social Currency SEO


Social Media and Cooperative SEOIn today's search engine marketing, social media has become an essential tool which cannot be ignored. The influence of social media on the success of an SEO strategy is ever increasing and it plays a key role in your website's advancement up the search engine rankings.Google Plus 1's, Twitter Tweets, shares on Facebook and other social factors bring a huge amount of value to SEO and activity of this type improves the value of your brand and shows its relevancy, resulting in powerful social links that point back to your site.Not only does social currency offer SEO value, it also brings loyal followers, an essential facet to generating new business. Here at CoolBison, we can build a social approach customised to your needs that will help your website harness the power of social media.




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