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Free download - Visual BASIC, JAVA & Delphi Tutorial - free ebook. Delphi, VB and JAVA free programmers guide. Source Code. Learn FREE tips and tricks.


In the course of training in programming in Visual Basic, Delphi or Java trainees are usually offered to write as the first program the program Hello Word. It is possibly right. As a rule you need only 2-3 code lines to write the program. Would you believe that your second program in any of the languages can contain about 1900 code lines, use scores of objects, process signals from keyboard and work with Timer? And would you believe that programming in one of the languages ( Visual Basic, Delphi or Java) you would master in 2-3 days two other languages from the list?

Manual on development of a logic game in Java is identical to the manual versions for VB and Delphi. It would help you to master new programming languages in a short time. The manual includes Word document with step-by-step description of the process of program development, screenshots, procedure codes and 12 complete listings in Java (Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0) illustrating all stages of programming in Java-Application.

Author: Valery V Shmeleff Moscow Russia www.oflameron.ru and www.oflameron.com Oflameron game author, game code developer, VB, Delphi, Assembler, Java, PHP programmer.

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