is an online e-publication based on myths

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MYTHOLOG - Literature of Mythic Proportions



MYTHOLOG began as an idea in 2002, an intention in October, a staff in November, and a first issue at Christmas of that year. The brainchild of Asher Black and Clear Glass, it cut several innovative lines for a literary magazine. MYTHOLOG utilized a distributed labor model; as an electronic publication, it has drawn staff from diverse geographic areas. By utilizing professional processes, including a rigorous selection process for the staff of writing editors, peer-judged submissions, high production values, and high standards of professional ethics and copyright adherence, it demonstrates the relative ease with which electronic publication may equal or surpass the professional qualities of print publications. Operating for its first two years on a strictly volunteer basis, it also demonstrated the capacity of free publication to rival the professional qualities of paid publication.

In Autumn 2004, MYTHOLOG became a paying publication. The staff remain volunteers and, since the editors are writers, they are only paid for any accepted literary contributions -- meaning that they must adhere to the same standards as other contributors. Again, breaking some assumptions about professional publication, MYTHOLOG does not pay writers by the word, but insists that the length of a piece of writing should be that demanded by the story. We buy stories, not words. Short Fiction, Flash Fiction, and Poetry have different pay scales because of the market value of the different media, not actually because of the length of a particular example.

Authors like Brian Ames, and J.R. Cain, as well as Terry Dartnall have included our stories in their anthologies. MYTHOLOG is listed at Ralan and Spicy Green Iguana, as well as Speculative Literature Foundation. Our fiction has been mentioned in Broad Universe Catalog and Eidolon. For other respected links, see our Links Page. For more about our past, see our Issues Archive.

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