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mobilo- Educational toy for kindergarten, nursery, classroom, stationery, preschool, childcare centres


Joachim Grabosch,Plasticant Mobilo
Germany 79295


target group in the world -the children-

The origin of Plasticant Mobilo goes back into the year 1974 with the foundation of a company for preschool supply through the Paedagogin Traute Grabosch. The collected experience as an educator and independent business led 1979 to the establishment of a further company for the production and selling of Plasticant Mobilo by her married man Joachim Grabosch. In the 70's a german designer team developed Plasticant Mobilo as advancement of plasticant. From the outset the work with children was located in the center of the married couple. To be promoted goal since foundation of the copamy was always to support creativity and Fantasie of children.

Our company philosophy "a toy for generations" is not reflected only in the fact again that our company meanwhile in the 2. Generation as exempt private company is led, but also by the fact that the product Plasticant Mobilo since many years in kindergartens in the whole world is recognized as reliable product. Today children play world-wide with Plasticant Mobilo.

Our products are available in more than 30 countries and our customers beside our master seat in Sulzburg are cared for by local branches in the USA, Australia and England. We stand to our production location in the Markgraeflerland Sulzburg and promote thereby the receipt and development of jobs in the region.

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