supports travel and Lifestyle Needs of American Military Family

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At, we understand from personal experience that moving and constant change is a part of the military culture. Finding military-friendly businesses and resources for our mobile lifestyle in new communities often becomes an overwhelming task. To ease this burden, we provide military-friendly business information and resources at both the national and local level.


For Locating Military Discounts acts as an advocate for the military and local community. We search for and showcase businesses that work hard to serve the military. Our Goal: To create the largest database of local military discounts and offers.

To achieve this, we:

  • Created the Partnership Program
  • Give free advertising on the site to businesses that provide exclusive discounts to the U.S. military community
  • Give companies the ability to create a printable military discount coupon
  • Created a Military Reward™ sticker for service members to recognize our partners on store windows or cash registers

For Relocation Resources

Frequent moves cause tremendous strain upon military members and their families who must pull up their roots and integrate into new communities. To help your long "To Do" list, view popular relocation categories such as:

Real Estate Agents - Apartment Managers - Moving Companies - Storage Facilities

For Travel Resources

Whether you are traveling on official orders or on leisure, knowing military-friendly businesses while on the road is important. Before you travel, use our site to:

Find Hotels, Rental Cars, Restaurants & More! - Find Military Installation Check-In Procedures - Find Directions/Maps - View Current Local Weather - Locate Local Military Discounts

For Your Mobile Military Lifestyle

You need access to businesses quickly to help you settle in and accommodate your military lifestyle. We know local school information and spouse employment are on the top of lists. We offer these lifestyle listings and many more:

Leisure and Entertainment Venues - Local Community Calendar/Weather - Worship Services - From Child Care to Pet Motels - Fitness Centers - Hobbies and Crafts

For Articles on Military-Related Topics

The site also provides a comprehensive and frequently updated library of articles, and local community researched advice to help prepare the military community for their move and their everyday life. We offer a Reading Room and a "Related Articles" panel on all of our business category pages throughout the site. Simply select a business category and find not only businesses in the local area, but articles on that topic. Find articles on:

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) - Travel - Education - Real Estate - And Hundreds of Other Topics!

Additional Information

Web Site Takes Grunt Work Out of Military Family Moves:

From the Washington Post: "The site was designed by Grand Rapids, Mich. -based Internet entrepreneur Dan Kissinger and his father, Dale, a retired Air Force colonel who moved his brood 19 times during a 30-year career. Kissinger, 30, started a similar Web site in 1998 geared to Air Force families like theirs. He sold it to media conglomerate Primedia in 2000. When his non-compete agreement ended last year, he jumped back in, in a bigger way.
Kissinger, who noted that the family of five had once lived in Panama and that he went to high school in Iceland, said, "After seeing all the stress the moves put on my parents, I wanted to have an impact on military relocations and hopefully take some of that stress away by providing the resources we didn't have when we moved."
Three decades, 19 moves. Imagine the hours -- nay, weeks -- spent finding a decent pizza."

Additional Accolades

The Reserve Officer Magazine [Helping Hands Across America]

US Department of Defense [America Supports You: Web Site Seeks to Make Military Moves Easier]

Association of the United States Army [New website helps moving Soldiers]

America Supports You [Web Site Seeks to Make Military Moves Easier]

Contact Us

Toll Free (in the US): (877) 425-9992


7914 Loop Road
Middleville, MI

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"Fortunately for military families in the U.S., there's resources like to help [with the hassles and pains of moving]."

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