Melbourne Rapid HIV Test

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Era Health and Dr Geoge Forgan-Smith are proud to announce the availability of the new Alere Rapid HIV Test.

Patients no longer have to wait days for a hiv screening test. The new rapid HIV test enables patients to have a result within 20 minutes.

The new 4th generation HIV test takes a small drop of blood and tests for the presence of HIV 1 and HIV 2 antibodies as well as P24 an enzme that is raised in early HIV seroconversion illness.

You can learn about the accuracy of the Alere 4th generation rapid HIV test in a video and page at Dr George's site.

The addition of the P24 helps reduce the window period of HIV from 90 days down to a potential 14-20 days by detecting changes in the blood with HIV infection earlier.

When tested outside of the window period the Alere rapid HIV test is able to exclude HIV infection with 100% sensitivity

You can get a better understanding of what the window period of HIV is here.

Other common questions include: 

If you are looking for a friendly gay doctor in Melbourne you can contact Dr George Forgan-Smith by calling (03) 9944 6200 in his Melbourne CBD office.

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