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Bloomington Video Productions - Bloomington, Indiana


Bloomington Video Productions is a cutting-edge business with a mission of providing professional, innovative media production services to organizations and individuals. We strive to stay on top of emerging forms of communication and to provide affordable technological, educational, and artistic resources to our community.

Bloomington Video Productions is a locally owned business created by two Bloomington residents in 2003. The partners, Carlos Colón and Luis Hernández, joined forces to create a unique concept for supporting your media production needs. The crew is also joined by talented independent producers and creative artists on a sub-contractual basis.

Carlos Colón has a doctoral degree in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, over 9 years of college-level teaching experience, and a solid background in communication technologies. He currently works for the Indiana University Instructional Support Services organization as a Manager of Technology Services. Carlos has taught courses in graphics design, photography, audio, radio, video, and multi-media production. He has also worked as a part-time radio producer for several radio stations. Presently he is involved in the production of several programs at WFHB, Bloomington. Since 1993, he has worked as a web designer/developer for various IU departments and Bloomington-based organizations. Carlos likes electronic music production, audio, radio, photography, and video production.

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101 W. Kirkwood Ave - Ste 009
Bloomington IN 47404 US

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