provides pharmacy programs for patients & health professionals

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Medco is a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) that provides unique products and services to its customers. - Pharmacy Network and Management Services

Medco delivers quality care through networks of pharmacies which provide care to customers. Medco's networks combine retail pharmacies, mail order pharmacies for delivery of medication by mail and specialty pharmacies for injectables of the biotech variety. Clinical management and solutions for retirees are also available through Medco.

Medco Health Programs

Medco provides programs for health professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, as well as patients. Medco's member programs provide pharmacists, nurses and doctors with information that helps them prescribe medication according to the patient's profile. Medco also provides health care programs which combine patient and pharmacy specific information with patient and lab data. Medco's specialist pharmacies work with the member patient's physician to help avoid harmful drug reactions, among more.

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