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Welcome to London Black Cabs


Also known as the London Black Cab, these vehicles, and their drivers, have earned the reputation for providing the best taxi service in the world. Every driver is required to undergo a rigorous test of his/her knowledge of London which can take up to four years to learn before the coveted badge is awarded. Each individual's character is tested and checks are made regarding any criminal records.

Black cabs are the only taxis allowed to ply for hire in London - they also come in an assortment of colours and liveries, as well as black.

Our vehicles are easily recognisable, for obvious reasons. Their 25ft turning circle means that they can still 'turn on a sixpence' (or a dime). There are currently three different shaped models working the London area. The Fairway has kept much of the shape of what everybody imagines a London taxi to be but they will be gradually replaced by the newest models, the TX1 and the TX2. These taxis have a more rounded shape and have taken on many improvements to passenger safety and driver comfort. Then there is the Metrocab with a squarish shape.

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