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Welcome to the LINGUIST List


is a unique partnership between the Linguist List and Blackwell Publishing, designed to bring useful linguistics publications direct to your desktop.

A searchable database of over 20,000 abstracts, working papers and conference proceedings, previously only available in libraries. Linguistics Abstracts Online will enable you to conduct quick, accurate and comprehensive research when writing papers, prepare teaching materials for students and compile bibliographies and check references.

Published 10 times per year exclusively for Blackwell's Linguist List Plus users, Glot International is ideal for keeping up with the trends and emerging developments in the field. Every issue includes a mixture of informative and entertaining articles, ranging from regular columns to dissertation reviews and 'state-of-the-articles'. There is also a conferences section giving frequent news of meetings and colloquia form around the world. Your issues of Glot will be provided in electronic form only, which you are free to download and print for your own use.

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