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LabourStart has launched a new service for the trade union movement around the globe - This web-based service, produced in partnership with the Internet Corporation, is free for trade union members and is designed to help those members find new jobs working in the trade union movement. A significant proportion of revenue generated from the service goes directly to LabourStart -- indeed, we expect this project to be the main source of LabourStart's income in the months and years to come. Income received from the service will help to support the important work that LabourStart does now, and will keep LabourStart running as a free service in the future. is by far the cheapest way for trade unions to advertise and fill vacancies. The cost to unions in the UK is £200 + VAT per vacancy advertised for a maximum 28-day period. [For unions in other countries, please check our price list] LabourStart is the most heavily-trafficked international trade union website with tens of thousands of unique visitors every week and it has been growing very rapidly in recent months. This ensures maximum exposure for vacancies advertised.

Trade unions in developing countries will be able to advertise employment vacancies here absolutely free of charge, forever. Trade unions in developed countries which purchase advertisements here will be helping to subsidise their sister unions in the developing world, helping them to use the latest technology to recruit staff.

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