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The Hacker Defender Project - Board


Welcome to www.hxdef.org - home of the Hacker defender project. This project was started in 2002. Many things has changed since then. There are two main subprojects on this page. The first is Hacker defender Windows NT rootkit. The second is PE module encryptor for Windows NT called Morphine, its purpose is to protect PE modules against antivirus detection. Both of these programs are free and open source but both have their paid versions which can be ordered in antidetection section as antidetection service. There are also other open source programs in download section. They mostly implement some undocumented NT stuff for which is hard to find a good source code on the net.

This site is also related to antidetection service. Hacker defender rootkit is detected as a virus by almost all antiviruses today. There are also many rootkit detectors today that can reveal installation of Hacker defender rootkit. Files encrypted with Morphine are detected by some of antiviruses. Antidetection service offers such versions of Hacker defender and Morphine that are not detected by neither antivirus software nor by rootkit detectors. It also offers protection against antiviruses for third party programs.

What is the purpose of this? People often ask this question. Many of them just see just another piece of malware that is being developed here and see us as the bad guys. The easy proove of their view is the existence of paid versions of malicious software. In the following lines you can read about another point of view - our point of view. We will be very pleased if you just think about it or try to understand it before you condemn us.

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