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Welcome to Hamilton Rowing Club


Hamilton Rowing Club is a vibrant, fast growing club based at the heart of Hamilton City since 1903. Over the years the club has picked up numerous national titles and placed its fair share of Hamilton rowers in New Zealand crews. Rowers that have worn the scarlet and white quarters include the great Jim Hill, whose success at the national level was never even surpassed by Rob Waddell, and of course current World and Olympic Champions Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell. During the 20s and 30s Hamilton Rowing Club was one of the countrys strongest performing clubs, earning 32 red coats over these two decades. Red coats are awarded to winners of premier events. A resurgence during the late 50s and early 60s saw a further 10 red coats earned by club members. Rowing at this time was limited to men. More recently the women have been prominent, from the late eighties to mid-nineties Hamilton Rowing Club dominated the womans premier class. In 1989 and again in 1993 HRC won every womans premier title there was, the only club to ever achieve this feat.Entering our second century of rowing Hamilton Rowing Club looks to be on its way towards repeating this dominance, at the 2003 national champs HRC won 5 out of 6 premier events, the crews included our world champion Ever-Swindell twins. Due to the retirement of two of our top athletes, in 2004 we only won 3 of the 6. However, in the lower grades at the 2004 national champs we proved that we have an abundance of young women eager to fill the boots of our recent retirees. No other club at the moment displays this kind of dominance; this is evidence of our formula for producing great crews.Hamilton Rowing Club is experiencing something that it hasn't ever experienced in the past; strength in both mens and womens rowing at the same time. Due to the hard work of a committed squad of rowers and coaching staff HRC is now regaining a handhold on mens titles. The men of HRC took out the Club eight title at the 2004 nationals. 7 of the 8 that won this title are sticking around to go after the Senior 8 title in the coming season. The novice men that placed 3rd in both the novice 8 and novice 4 have set their sights on retaining Club eight title for the club. In the last two years we have implemented a program that will see us working to develop our youth rowers. We have secured the funds for a professional coach, and have over the past two years filled our shed with brand new racing boats and a complete top of the line gym. After two years this program has already payed off with two rowers and a coxswain asked to join the New Zealand under 21 squad as well as two rowers and a coxswain asked to trial for the New Zealand under 19 squad. At a slightly older level we had two rowers trial for the New Zealand University crew earlier in the year. And at the pinnacle of New Zealand rowing we have the Evers-Swindell twins, world champions and a great asset to the club, giving the younger rowers something to aspire to.We have a dedicated fundraiser, who has managed to gain the fund for purchases of 3 to 4 boats a year (at between $10,000 and $30,000 each) as well as oars and other gear, ensuring the club rowers are always racing in the most competitive boats possible. Other fundraising by club members in 2003 saw the purchase of $20,000 worth of gym equipment. Similar efforts in 2004 and 2005 will be going towards further boat purchases and the funding of our professional coaching program.The past two years have seen rapid growth in the club. We have grown in numbers by around 150% a year over the past three years, and it looks like we will easily do the same for the 2004-05 season.Numbers in the club have been boosted by the addition of two schools that have become reaffiliated with the club, Hillcrest High School and Fairfield High School. They will join Fraser High School and Sacred Heart Girls School in rowing for Hamilton Rowing Club during the club season. We will be helping them as much as possible so they can enjoy the success seen by the schools already rowing for the club.Hamilton Rowing Club is working with Sport Waikato, SportsForce and Lifestyle 2000 on the development of an adaptive rowing program recently, a new sporting opportunity has come to the fore here in the Waikato - rowing for people with an intellectual disability. The provision of rowing for these groups is relatively new to New Zealand with similar programmes running in Otago and Southland. However, overseas and in Europe especially where rowing is a much bigger sport,

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