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Why Do You Need a Definition?

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Terrorism ought to be simple enough to understand in terms of definition, though God knows as a concept it is absolutely completely unfathamable and inhumane: no act of terrorism has ever resulted in good to the initiating faction that was not outweighed by the blowback retaliations it also caused. In fact, almost always, terrorists work more hardship and political harm on the group in whose name they function than upon the supposed enemies against which they fruitlessly rail. That is historical fact. Ask historians who can tell you about [| hundreds of years worth of ongoing and unproductive retaliatory terrorism] between descendants of their two peoples. Why kill people today over what happened as far back as 11th century(fn1) (the dark ages)? It is exactly this example of evolutionary hatreds from which the Bosnian genocidal terrors and civil war erupted.

The Simple Definition

The so-called simple definitions are:

from American Heritage
ter·ror·ism (těr'ə-rĭz'əm) n. 1. The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons
from Dictionary.com
ter·ror·ism 1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes. 2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization. 3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

But the 'simple' definition gets more complex for a couple of reasons. One is, that government legislations under guise of antiterrorism are generally so vaguely or badly worded that the definition government is thus left free to apply at their whim is far too broad and generalized to pleas civil rights advocates and Constitutionalists (you know, those funny people that actually believe a government should be operated within its legal charter and obey its own laws).

For example, under buried provisions within the Patriot Act, anyone who copies and distributes copyrighted media can, if it were to suit government's political needs to persecute an individual (or by undue political pressure of the recording industries), be interpreted as terrorist. In other sections of antiterrorism legislation, failing to do something (vaguely defined) can also become grounds for aiding and abetting terrorism.

In yet other sections, some provisions allow government to retroactively apply the law, or even revise the law further without judicial review, in some cases secretly, all of which are in and of themselves well beyond normal Constitutional protections. Worse, military tribunals are now allowed, and they do not even have to obey the law or the Constitution, now esentially even free to torture to obtain confessions.

The Government's definition has been broadened so many times that there is no longer any single officially accepted definition. The closest might be parodied as...

People's Revolutionary Dictionary
ter·ror·ism (těr'ə-rĭz'əm) n. 1.) As authorized ill legally defined by the Patriot Acts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and subsequent/previous associated legislations by George Bush, George Bush, Jeb Bush, and unnamed shrubs yet to come, anything done or failed to be done by anyone which does, threatens to do, or fails to do anything which does, threatens to do, or fails to do something The Man does not like or would later claim he would have liked; 2) Living in Amerika; 2.1) revised secretly) Possibly, dying in Amerika without first asking permission

The second and most important reason (reason for this page) is that there are differnt kinds of terrorism for which additional terminology has been created, including one the government and media will never tell you about, but which is quite real and germain to your very existence and to continuance of your personal liberties and, possibly, your very life.

Kinds of Terrorism You Will Read and Hear About


These descriptions or terminologies further define the kinds of terrorism in order to differentiate as to who to who commits the terrorism, and by default or at least reading between the lines, who benefits. Here are simplified reviews by The Professional Paranoid:

Domestic Terrorism
Terrorism fomented and applied by citizens of a country against their own government or societal infrastructures, generally to force a change in government or in policy. E.G. Antiabortionist bombings of abortin clinics.
State Sponsored Terrorism
Terrorism sponsored or sanctioned by a foreign power against your country, to force a change in policy. E.G., Saddam Hussein threatened suicide bombings against the US.
International or Foreign Terrorism
Terrorism sponsored or applied by groups from other countries against your own country, but which are not backed or sponsored officially by their own country, thus (at least in theory) becomming outlaws in their own land as well as yours (e.g. Islamic fundamentalist attacks)

The above terms are all well and good, and we certainly hear them often enough to be sick of them, every one. But there is one form of terrorism we never hear much about. In fact, even when another government might be guilty of this kind of terrorism, it is rare for ANY government to talk about it, even when that government might be able to withstand charges of terrorism associated with the attack. Why? Because a blind eye to another's deeds oft begs their blind eye to your own...

The ONE Kind of Terrorism Media & Government Will NEVER Talk About


This is the one that could save your life, or at least your liberties, if well armed with knowledge and willing to step forward as activist.

Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism (DSST)
Terrorism applied by one's own government against its own citizens in order to retain or gain more political control or to effect political changes otherwise found unacceptible to the people. (e.g. the Reichstag Fire in Nazi Germany, or here in the U.S., Operation Northwoods)

This is absolutely a historically common political tool used by ruthless governments througout history. It can be achieved in several ways:

1) You can simply have covert government agents do the deed and leave evidence useful to blame other real or imagined groups (e.g., Reichstag Fire blamed on Communists, and as some believe, as do I, the September 11 attacks);
2) Infiltrate such groups with an agent provacateur to insure that they actually do commit the acts (e.g., the WTC Bombing, where courtoom testimony reveals that FBI trained the terrorists, obtained the needed equipment and materials, and then stood by and watched them plant the bomb, and then let it go off without defusing or warning, resulting in stark terror for NYC, injuring over 1,000 and killing 6 people, and justifying draconian legislation which took away civil liberties);
3) Stage completely fake incidents but don't tell anyone they were fake (the terror remains, e.g., Operation Northwoods)

To learn more about if and how DSST may have been used in the Oklahoma City Blast, the World Trade Center Bombing, September 11th, and more (and learn more about the Pentagon's Operation Northwoods, which very likely accounts for JFK's assassination), visit the author's [Web site] or purchase a copy of his book, [Fatal Rebirth].

fn1) It may be of significant interest to Christians to understand what media and politicians have never stated in their attempting to explain the why of Bosnian hatreds. The reason why is found in just such a review of [| relevant histories]. This is summarized and enlarged upon with related materials in a companion article, From Noah's Ararat to Presidential Skull and Bones, The History of the World They Won't Tell You.

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